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Who is Abdusemet Rozi

Abdusemet Rozi After Detention

Another Uyghur writer died after releasing. Abdusemet Rozi, a professor at the Xinjiang radio-television university, sentenced 20yrs. Then released for health reasons in 2021, arrested again Sept 2022, died in August 31 2023,torture in detention might be the reason for his death.

Before the imprisonment and in spring 2021 when he was released home for a few months and recovered quite well. Then taken in again , beaten and released about a year later in September 2022 right before or around the Urumqi locked down.

Abdusemet Rozi
Abdusemet Rozi

Abdusemet Rozi was born in May 1966 in a village in Suntagh town near Atush city. He completed elementary school locally, then attended Atush 1 Middle School from 1978 to 1981. He graduated from Qizilsu oblast 1 High School in 1983. Pursuing higher education, he enrolled in the Faculty of Political Education at Kashgar Normal Institute. After graduation in 1987, he commenced his career at Atush 4 Middle School and later transitioned to Kizilsu oblast Radio and Television University in 1994, where he assumed the role of an instructor.

Abdusemet Rozi started his literary career with the poem “Teqdir”. He went on to publish over 20 articles in various newspapers and magazines. After joining the University of Radio and Television, he focused extensively on radio and television education. His research contributions were published in the “Xinjiang Educational Research” journal and the “Radio Television University Journal”. His notable articles include “The Technique of Issue Resolution Between Instructors and Students,” “Effective Factors on Teachers’ Mental Health,” and “The Future of Implementing Open Education in Rural Areas”.

Abdusemet Rozi’s five years of dedicated work between 2005 and 2010 resulted in his book, “Izchilar (the scouts)”. This comprehensive work encapsulates the achievements of the versatile artist, writer, composer, and poet Mr. Memtili between August 1934 and January 1935. Abdusemet Rozi was able to successfully locate and introduce individuals trained by Mr. Memtili to the public. This work stands as a significant contribution to the academic field by Abdusemet Rozi.

Izchilar (the scouts)
Izchilar (the scouts) ISBN: 978-7-5631-2646-0 published by Xinjiang University Publishing House – 新疆大学出版社 in July 2013.

Download Izchilar (the scouts)