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Who is Ruqiye Abdulla

Ruqiye Abdulla
Ruqiye Abdulla
Ruqiye Abdulla .

Ruqiye Abdulla is one of the Uyghur language teachers and writers persecuted in 2017. She got arrested for her writing and teaching in Uyghur language.

Ruqiye Abdulla was born on May 27, 1972, in Uch-osteng village, Kucha County, Aksu Prefecture, to a family of teachers. After graduating from Hotan Normal School in 1991, where she studied geography, she worked as a teacher at Kucha County Uch-osteng Middle School and Kucha County 5th Middle School. From September 2000 to July 2002, she pursued her undergraduate degree in the Department of Language and Literature of Xinjiang Education College. She then worked as an advanced teacher of language and literature at the 5th middle school in Kucha County. From 2008, she also worked as a guest editor in the editorial department of the “Kusen Culture” magazine.

Ruqiye Abdulla joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1996. During her long teaching career, she received various awards such as “Excellent Teacher,” “Inspiring Lead-Teacher,” “Distinguished Party Member,” and “March 8th Red Flag Holder” by the school and county. Apart from being named a “Spiritual Mother,” she was a representative of the 11th Congress of the Kucha County Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in 2006. On March 14, 2007, she established the first “Kind Mothers Association” in Kucha with the support of relevant leaders in the county party committee and government.

Mrs. Ruqiye Abdulla started her writing career in the 1990s and has published her works in various literary magazines and newspapers around the autonomous region. Her works include stories such as “Mournful Breathes,” “Cockroach,” “Belief,” “Which one of us is drunk?,” “Tender Hearts,” “The Last Letter,” “The Mother Nisahan,” and poems such as “The Lyrics of Tarim,” “I always call myself to a duel,” “Woman,” “Tumaris,” “Love,” “The Dream of Land,” and essays such as “Optimism and Confidence – The Golden Key Leading To Education Prosperity,” “The artist and the artistic spirit within transcendence,” “Aesthetic Education,” “Women’s Self in the Endlessness of Love,” “The Essence of Masculinity in Spiritual Roots,” and co-written essays such as “Today’s Japanese Society, Urumqi and Kucha…,” “The relationship between educational factors infinity and character quality,” “The Children and Education in the Personality Corner,” “Across the Cultural Edges,” “Cultural Penetration and the Honesty of Intellectuals,” and a series of essays titled “Explorations in Our Own Souls” published in various magazines like “Xinjiang Women,” “Tarim,” “Tengritagh,” “Aksu Literature,” “Xinjiang Education,” “Chinese Nationalities,” “Xinjiang Art,” “Kusen Culture,” “Kroran,” and scientific articles such as “Quality of Relationship” that received good reviews from readers.

In 2009, the epic poem “Tumaris” was awarded the “Chimenzar Literary Award” by “Kusen Culture” magazine. In 2010, the epic poem “February’s Dream” was awarded the “Tarim Spring Literary Award” by “Aksu Literature” magazine. She was awarded the “Excellent Author” award by “Chinese Nationalities” magazine in 2007 and the “Distinguished Scholar” award by “Aksu Literature” magazine in 2010. In 2009, she played a key role in the compilation of the literary collection “The Dream of Land,” composed of works by authors from Kucha. In February 2012, an anthology of poems and stories titled “February’s Dream” was published. She has submitted a collection of short stories titled “I Can’t Say Goodbye to You” for publication. A collection of essays titled “Across the Edges of Culture,” written together with Patighul Niyaz, has been published. She is currently a member of the Xinjiang Writers’ Association, Aksu Prefecture Writers Association, Kucha County Union of Literature and Arts, Kucha County Writers’ Association, and also the general secretary of Kucha County Writers Association.

Rukia Abdulla was detained in 2017. It is not yet known in which prison she is serving her sentence.

Ruqiye Abdulla
Ruqiye Abdulla

Her works founded on the internet:

February's Dream
February’s Dream, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link ISBN: 978-7-5469-1932-4 published in November 2011 by Xinjiang Fine Arts and Photography Publishing House – 新疆美术摄影出版社.


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