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Uyghur Hjelp for help Uyghurs

Uyghur Hjelp for Uyghur, and Uyghur Hjelp for justice

Vocational training, assisting the poor and orphans

Uyghur advocacy grant

Uyghur mother language education aid

Uyghur Hjelp (also known as Uyghuryar), a non profit Uyghur human rights advocacy, documentation and humanitarian aid organization which aimed to research on human right violation, to document Uyghur detainees, to collect information about Uyghur plight, and also support Uyghurs in diaspora who are encountering with various challenges and the difficulties. This organization is not affiliated with any organizations. All participants of Uyghur Hjelp are passionate, dedicated, and sincere individuals who support this organization by making financial donation and/or by contributing their time and professional skills to help Uyghurs.
Adresse: Sollien 10, 5096, Bergen Norway
Email: [email protected] – Abduweli Ayup
Email: [email protected]

Uyghur Hjelp for helping Uyghurs
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Perhat Ilyas

Who is Perhat Ilyas

Perhat Ilyas got arrested in 2018. He is a poet, writer, literary translator, and editor. He is one of the Uyghur poets who got arrested

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Halide Israel

Who is Halide Israel

Halide Israel was born in Kashgar in October 1952, her parents were government officials. She is an Uyghur editor, writer, and journalist. She worked in

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Ehet Dawut

Who is Ehet Dawut

Ehet Dawut was born in 1969 in the township of Kucha, Xinjiang. He started working since 1986 and studied music at the Aksu Teachers’ College

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We welcome and appreciate any contribution or donation in any amount to Uyghur Hjelp to help Uyghurs, your contribution/donation can be made either publicly or anonymously.
If you would like to donate , below is the bank and contact information of “Uyghur Hjelp”:

Account name: UYGHUR HJELP
Account type: Business (organization account)
Account number: 3330 30 29465
USD Account: 3185 42 49366
IBAN: NO0433303029465
Bank Address : Sørhauggata 150, 5527 Haugesund, Norway