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Imprisoned Medical Researchers and Doctors from 2016 (Updated by January 30, 2023)

Tudahun Nurehmet, former chief of the Achatagh Hospital in Uchturpan county, Aksu prefecture, in northwestern China's Xinjiang region, in an undated photo. Citizen journalist

Imprisoned Medical Researchers and Doctors from 2016 (Updated by January 30, 2023)

(documented by Abduweli Ayup: [email protected])


  1. Halmurat Ghopur, (M) Former president of Xinjiang Medical University, head of XUAR Medical Oversight Bureau, physician, PhD
  2. Abbas Eset, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD. Note: He got released 2020.
  3. Nurmemet Emet (M) Dean of the Department of Uyghur Traditional Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University PhD
  4. Enwer Tohti, (M) Instructor at the Department of Uyghur Traditional Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University
  5. Alim Pettar, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD. Note: released 2020.
  6. Perhat Behti, (M) Vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University
  7. Abduqeyum Tewekkul, (M) Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People’s Hospital
  8. Enwer Abdukérim, (M0 Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People’s Hospital
  9. Husen Hesen (M) physician, Kucha Hospital of Uyghur Medicine
  10. Ebeydulla Hesen (M) physician, XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital
  11. Tahir Hesen (M), physician, Kucha people’s hospital
  12. Nejibulla Ablat (M) cardiologist, Kashgar No.1 people’s Hospital.
  13. Dolqun Tursun (M), XUAR Department of Preventive Medical.
  14. Ilham Imam (M), ENT specialist, Aaffiliated Hospital of Xinjiang medical University. Note: released recently
  15. Gulshen Abbas (F) Physician, XUAR Nurbagh Petroleum Hospital
  16. Abdurehimjan Emet (M), physician XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital.
  17. Shemsidin (M), physician, XUAR Number 2 Hospital
  18. Abduqeyum Semet (M), physician, head of Kashagar No. 2 People’s hospital, arrested 2018.
  19. Dilshat Alim (M), surgeon, XUAR Number2 people’s hospital.
  20. Yasinjan Tohti (M), pharmacist, Kashgar Uyghur Medicine Hospital
  21. Abduhelil Ela (M), Surgeon, Tuberculosis Hospital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, detained in January 2018.
  22. Reyhangul (F) Uyghur Medicine Hospital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Urumchi city.
  23. Ehmet Yasin (m): a doctor at Tamtoghraq County Hospital, arrested on June 8, 2017, and accused of using Kuaiya App.
  24. Muhemmet Osman (m): graduated from Xi’an Medical University, medical specialist at Qomul prefecture people’s hospital, detained in 2017 and sentenced for 71 years.
  25. Abduqeyum Yasin (M) Medical Researcher, Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People’s Hospital, Studied in Singapore, worked for Finland FIDA international.
  26. Sayithaji Qasim (M) surgeon, researcher, Kashgar No.2 Peopl’s Hospital.
  27. Nurmemet Muhter (M) Master student, Xinjiang University, arrested befor his graduation in April 2017.
  28. Muhtar Nurmuhammed (M) physician, private Hospital owner, Kashagr, arrested in June 2017
  29. Mutellip Memet (M) physician, Urumchi Bugda Hospital, graduated Shanghai Medical University, from Aksu city.
  30. Abdurahman Barat (M) physician, Hotan Alqelib Hospital, graduated Shanghai Medical University, arrested 2018, sentenced ten years in 2019.
  31. Yaqup Haji (M) surgeon, Kashgar Nurluk Hospital, graduated Xinjiang Medical Hospital.
  32. Omer Turdi, (M) medical doctor. Note: recently released.
  33. Rizwangul Musa (F) worked at the People’s Hospital
  34. Shawkat Nurmamat (M) from Ghulja, Studied as a veterinarian and worked in his chosen field.
  35. Latif Nurmemet (F) a nurse and was working in the local hospital in Ghulja.
  36. Zulhumar Ismayil, (F) a doctor at Kucha’s People’s Hospital.
  37. Chimangul Zikri, (F)
  38. Sare Islam (F) worked at Yili Prefecture Friendship Hospital as a gynecologist and retired.
  39. Sayragul Rozi (F) lives in Urumqi and is a veterinary science graduate from a top Chinese university.
  40. Ruqiye Jappar (F) was working as Nutritionist in Altebir Biotechnology LLC in Urumchi.
  41. Arzugul Seyit (F) worked in the Karamay hospital, has since retired.
  42. Imam Ibrahim, (M) Licensed pharmacist, graduated Xinjiang Medical University. Was a research assistant in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center before went home to visit parents in 2015.
  43. Mahire Rehim, (F) a nurse in Urumchi.
  44. Haliq Mehmut, (M) a veterinarian, 62 years old at time of detention that July 30, 2014. Sentenced to 8 years in prison.
  45. Ilnur Hassen, (F) a retired nurse.
  46. Alim Sulayman, (M) a dentist who briefly worked at the Shayar Uyghur Medicine Hospital in Aksu prefecture.
  47. Qaharjan Abduqadir (M) specialist in traditional Uyghur medicine.
  48. Zekeriya Turap, (F) a dentist lives in Shayar County, Aksu prefecture.
  49. Memet Ibrahim, (M) a veterinarian, aged 40 at the time of his death. He was living in the Kucha County, Aksu prefecture.
  50. Ilshat Memettohti, (M) a graduate of medicine.
  51. Ekram Yarmuhemmed (M) a graduate of the department of traditional Chinese medicine at Xinjiang Medical University.
  52. Bu’eysem Muhter (F) a retired nurse in the Shayar County, Aksu Prefecture.
  53. Hanqiz Momin, (F) was a doctor in Maralbishi county, Kashgar prefecture.
  54. Juret Naman. (M) He is from Aksu. He had a business shop in Aksu. He was doing business on Uyghur traditional medicine.
  55. Memetjan Abduqadir, a former doctor at the Xinjiang Medical University No. 1 Hospital.
  56. Yusuf Eziz, (M) a doctor in the Kucha People’s Hospital.
  57. Marigul Helil, (F) a nurse, born in Atush.
  58. Ibrahim Juma, (M) from Nazarbagh village in Kashgar city. Ibrahim is a doctor.
  59. Ayshamgul Ibrahim, (F) nurse at Shingpin village hospital located in Lopnur county.
  60. Dilnur Abdurehim, (F) a nurse, had worked for several years at the hospital attached to Xinjiang Medical University.
  61. Zahidem Helpehaji (F) worked as a doctor at the Ethnic Friendship hospital in Ghulja.
  62. Muhter Nurmuhemmed (M) a doctor who founded two hospitals in Kashgar.
  63. Abdusemet Hebibulla. (M) He is a doctor.
  64. Turghunjan Obulqasim, (M) a doctor in Yegisar County, Kashgar as well as the founder of the Umid hospital.
  65. Muyesser Haji Memet.,(F) a doctor in Atush City hospital.
  66. Qurban Rahman. (M) He was a vet in Ishxila country Animal Hospital in Kucha.
  67. Abdurusul Tursun. (M) He is a vet in Ishxila country Animal Hospital in Kucha.
  68. Shayide Amanulla (F) a doctor. She lives in Yengiyer, Ghulja city.
  69. Perigul Rozi, (F) a nurse from Kashgar.
  70. Raziye Abduqeyyum, (F) a nurse from Kashgar.
  71. Rahile Shemshidin, (F) a doctor.
  72. Zeytungul Rishit, (F) a nurse from Shayar County, Aksu Prefecture.
  73. Imin Niyaz. (M) He is a traditional Uyghur medicine doctor.
  74. Abliz Qadir, (M) a traditional Uyghur medicine doctor.
  75. Sajidem Emet, (F) a nurse.
  76. Aygul Musa, (F) is a doctor from Cherchen County, Korla.
  77. Dilbar Sulayman, (F) an ultrasound lab technician in a hospital in Shayar County.
  78. Guherem Sulayman, (F) a veterinarian.
  79. Hayrigul Sulayman, (F) a doctor in Shayar County, Aksu prefecture.
  80. Alimjan Hesen, (M) former Party deputee of Urumqi’s People’s Hospital.
  81. Abdurahman Ehmet, (M) a doctor.
  82. Alimjan Tayir. (M) He was graduated from Xinjiang Medical University. He was working as a doctor in Kucha County.
  83. Amangul Yasin, (F) a nurse.


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