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Who is Nijat Sopi

Nijat Sopi

Nijat Sopi, was born on September 19, 1968, in Tekas, Ili.

From1985 to 1990, he studied Uyghur language and literature at the department of Chinese literature Xinjiang University.

After graduating he worked as a language-literature teacher, No.3 middle school in the Tekas County.

In 1992 March, he was transferred to Ili Pedagogical College, he instructed Modern Uyghur language.

He is engaged in teaching and researching modern Uighur, Chagatai, and ancient Uighur.

From 2001 to 2004, he received a master’s degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Xinjiang University, specializing in stylistics. His research topic was “Study on Analogies in Uyghur Language“.

From 2007 to 2010 he studied for a doctoral degree in Uyghur language literature and culture at the Central National University, aka Minzu university in Beijing.

He received a Ph.D. During the period of October 2009 to April 2010, he stayed half a year in Istanbul, Turkey.

He studied under the guidance of Mehmet Olmez, a famous Turkologist at the Department of Turkic Languages and Literature of Yildiz Technology University.

From September 2010 to June 2013, he was engaged in scientific research at the Postdoctoral Research Institute of Xinjiang University, he completed this stage with a “Study of Linguistic Culture” research paper.

Nijat Sopi used to be a poet, and many of his poems were published. In 2003, a collection of poems was called “Love” published by Xinjiang People’s Publishing House.

Nijat Sopi has been published in important academic journals, including two in national core academic journals. In 2008, his academic work entitled “Study on Analogies in Uyghur Language” was published by the Minzu Publishing House.

In 2013, he got awarded by the Chinese ministry of education. In the past few years, he has taught at universities in Ili, Urumqi, Lanzhou, Beijing and Pamukkale, Adiyaman in Turkey.

In 2011 one of his scientific research topics granted by the Autonomous Region Social Science Research Foundation. He supervised the “Research on Uyghur Language Ili dialects” and completed it with excellent results in 2014.

He completed the 2012 Science Foundation-funded research topic “Research on the Language of Taranchi Texts”. His work related to this topic entitled “Ili Folk Songs recorded in the 19th Century” was published in Xinjiang in 2012.

His another research topic currently funded by the National Social Science Foundation under the supervision of professor Arslan Abdulla from Xinjiang University, “Language ​​contact and language merging in the Northwest“.


He is working on “Study on Uyghur Language Ili-dialects” (Chinese and English),  “Study on the Language of Taranchi Songs”, “Study on the Language of Taranchi Dialect”, “Examples from Taranchi Folk Literature”.

He is a board member of the Chinese Turkic Language Research Association, a member of the Chinese Uyghur Historical and Cultural Scientific Association, and a member of the Xinjiang Writers Society. Nijat Sopi got arrested in January 2018, his sentence is still unknown.

Nijat sopi speaking on television
Nijat sopi speaking on television


Study on Analogies in Uyghur Language
Study on Analogies in Uyghur Language, alternative link, alternative link

Some of his articles published on various magazines