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Who is Kerimjan Abdurehim

Keremjan Abdurehim

Who is Kerimjan Abdurehim

Kerimjan Abdurehim is a Uyghur Professor, now he is in detention in Kashgar. He was Born in October 1965 in Toqquzaq (Shufu)) County, Kashgar. From September 1982 to July 1986, he studied in the Humanities Department of Kashgar (Kashi) Normal University, and then was appointed to teach in the Humanities Department after graduation. Before his detention he is a Professor in the Humanities Department of Kashgar Normal University and a pioneer in the establishment of Uyghur classic literature courses. He supervises master’s degree candidates, and his lectures are highly regarded by his students. He holds multiple positions including party branch secretary and deputy director of the Department of Humanities of Kashgar Normal University, vice chairman of Kashgar Writers’ Association, director of Xinjiang Writers’ Association, and Director of Uyghur Classics Literature and Muqam Research Association.

Teaching Contributions

Kerimjan Abdurehim has been on the front line of teaching since he joined the work, and has successively taught the following undergraduate level courses: “History of Contemporary Uyghur Literature”, “History of Modern Uyghur Literature”, and “History of Uyghur Literary Criticism” and “History of Foreign Literature” and graduate courses such as  “Research on masterpieces of Uyghur Modern and Contemporary Literature”, “Studies on Special Topics of Uyghur Modern and Contemporary Literature” and  “Research on the History of Uyghur Literary Criticism”.


Writing Textbooks

Kerimjan Abdurehim has achieved outstanding results in curriculum construction and textbook writing. He is currently presiding over the course “History of Modern Uyghur Literature” which was evaluated as the “excellent course within the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region” and the course “History of Uyghur Literary Criticism” that was considered as the best course in the department. He finished compiling the textbooks “History of Uyghur Modern Literature” and “History of Uyghur Literary Criticism”. Among them, “History of Uyghur Modern Literature” was approved by the Education Ministry of the Autonomous Region. In 2008, it was published by Xinjiang University publishing house and used as the general textbook for Uyghur language and literature majors in colleges and universities in Xinjiang. The textbook “History of Uyghur Literary Criticism” has been approved by the Education Ministry of the Autonomous Region and will be published by Xinjiang University Press soon. He built the teaching team in the department called “Uyghur Literature Teaching Team” [1].

Kerimjan Abdurehim ‘s research achievements in Uyghur contemporary literature, modern literature, and literary criticism are outstanding. So far, he has published more than 100 papers on Uyghur literature and literary criticism in various periodicals.  He published textbooks, monographs, and collections of essays in various presses, some examples include:  “History of Uyghur Literature (Contemporary)”, “History of Contemporary Uyghur Literature“, “History of Modern Uyghur Literature”, “On the Literary Legacy of Mr.Utkur “, “Ehmet Ziyaiy“, “Kashgar Literati”, “Contemporary Uyghur Literature Dictionary”, “Uyghur Literature Criticism” and “On Uyghur Literature in the New Era” [1].


In 2007, he won the first prize of outstanding teaching achievements of Kashgar Normal University.

In 2009, he won the third prize of outstanding teaching achievements in the autonomous region.

In 2014, he received the distinction of “Excellent University Teacher” in the autonomous region, as a result of his outstanding performance in teaching and mentoring students [1].

Research Project

Kerimjan Abdurehim lead the research work of the 2012 general project of the National Social Science Fund “Research on Tiyipjan Eliyof “, the 2012 social science project of the Ministry of Education “Research on the History of Uyghur Literary Criticism” , and he participated in the research work of the National Social Science Foundation’s major project “Kashgar Culture Research” [1].



  1. Professor Kerimjan Abdurehim won the title of the ninth “Teaching Master of the Autonomous Region’s No. 1 Higher School”. Kashgar Teachers College [cited date 2015-01-24]

Note: The Chinese biography provided by an anonymous reader, translated by Ms. Irade Umud


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