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Who is Ababekri Abdurishit

Ababekri Abdurishit
Ababekri Abdurishit
Uyghur scholar Ababekri Abdureshid in an undated photo (by RFA).

Ababekri Abdurishit was born in 1981 in Qaraqash county Hotan. He started his master study in 2006 in Philology institute of Xinjiang University. After achieving master’s degree, he started his PhD study in 2009. He got his PhD from Minzu University in 2012. During that time, he stayed in Germany as a visiting scholar a year.

Since 2013 he started lecturing at Xinjiang Normal university. His study covers Uyghur literature, language, and culture. He published his articles in different academic journals in China.

He got arrested in 2018, activist in diaspora confirmed his arrest in 2020, his 13 years of sentence term confirmed in 2022 by RFA. There is no clear evidence of his arrestment and accusations, the source propose that it might be related to separatism.

Some of his articles published on various magazines