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Who is Memetjan Abliz Boriyar

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar

Who is Memetjan Abliz Boriyar

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar
Memetjan Abliz Boriyar

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar was born on August 8, 1958 in Ustunatush County, Atush, close to Kashgar in Northwest city in China. He got arrested October 2018. His sentences, prison terms and other information is unknown.

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar got his education during catastrophic time in Uyghur history, the dark time called cultural revolution in China, From 1966 to 1977, he completed his primary, middle and high school education in Atush. From 1978 to 1983, he studied at the Faculty of Uighur Literature of Xinjiang University and received his bachelor’s degree.

From March 1983 to December 1986, Boriyar worked as a teacher at Xinjiang Institute of Education. Since January 1987, he has been working at Kashgar Publishing House. During this period, from September 1988 to July 1990, he studied English at the Language Faculty of Kashgar Pedagogical Institute.


Memetjan Abliz Boriyar contributed his great effort on Uyghur books. During his more than 20 years of career at Kashgar Publishing House he has been the editor-in-chief of more than 100 books in fields of literature, art, education, culture, sociology, science and technology, some examples of which are “Did He Sleep”, “This Kind of Letters are written too in Life”, “Mustache Fight”, “Selection of Uyghur Stories-Long night”, “Uyghur Language Rules and Exercises for High School Students”, “Dreams at the Hemp field”, “The Stain on the Moon”, “Samples of Uyghur Proses”, “a  Mothers’ Wish”, “Kashgar’s Writers”, “Encyclopedia of Uyghur Culture, Section 10”.


Memetjan Abliz Boriyar got awarded by the authority In 2003. A book he was the editor-in-chief called “Sheep of Mekit” awarded as the third best creative work  in the competition of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region’s first popular science project. He also attended the planning and editing of large volume works of leading Uyghur culture and customs, such as “Uyghur’s Historic Cultural Heritage”, “a Complete account of the Uyghur Meshrep”,  “Uyghur Senem”, “Encyclopedia of Traditional Uyghur Morals and Etiquette”, ” Encyclopedia of Uyghur Food and Drinks”,  “Culture of Uyghur Women’s Clothing and Accessories “, “Encyclopedia of Xinjiang’s Ethnic Cultures and Customs”, “Project of Improving the Universal Education level of General Public and Building a Beautiful Homeland, section 20”.

His series of proses published in Kashgar Newspaper received 3rd degree award in the “1991s’  Best Works of Xinjiang’s Newspapers” contest. His prose “Beautiful Monster” received the “7th Hantengri Literature Award”. The “Encyclopedia of Uyghur Children’s’ Folklore” received the 3rd place award in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region’s 7th best creator’s contest in 2010.

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar, as a prose-writer, children’s literature researcher and children’s literature writer, since the publication of his prose “Melody of a bridge” in the former “Kashgar Literature” journal, together with prose writing, he also conducted research in  Uyghur children’s folklore and contributed to Uyghur children’s’ literature. Until now he published in various journals and magazines; more than 300 proses, such as: “Businessman of the Conscience”, “The Woke Generation”, “Beautiful Monster”, “White Nappy”, “the Beggar with Golden Teeth”, “the Old Mill”, “Dried River”, “The Point”, “Sorrows of the Noruz Boway”, “The Bitter Truth”.

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar studied Uyghur child literature and traditional game culture. He wrote more than 30 scholarly articles, such as: “the Educational Value of Uyghur Children’s Games”, “Children’s’ Education and Children’s’ Literature in Uyghurs”, “Diwanu Lugatit Turk” and Children’s’ Games”, “on Rejuvenating the Uyghur Folklore Heritage in Children’ Literature”, “What Conditions Must be Met by Truly Creative Writers”, “on the Impact of Editor’s Universal Educational Level on Best Creative works”, “the Responsibilities of Reading and Examining in Publishing”.

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar’s works got public acknowledgments, some of his proses were included in collections such as “White Nappy”, “Wedding in Kashgar”, “Collection of Uyghur Proses”.  His prose called “Businessman of Conscience” was selected to be included in the essential text book for public high school literature course published by Xinjiang Education’s Press in 2008. Two of his proses, “Old Mill” and “Dried River”, were selected to be included in the Chinese language collection called “Collection of Xinjiang New Era Minority Literature–Proses” published by Beijing Writer’s Press in 1999. His prose collection “Mysterious evening” was published in Xinjiang youth publishing house.

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar consistently conducted the work of documenting, collecting, organizing traditional Uyghur Children’s’ games. He first published the four series book “Uyghur Children’ Traditional games” and then published the large volume work ”Encyclopedia of Uyghur Children’s’ Folklore“. He also published “Uyghur Children’s Games” two book series, ”Uyghur Children’s Nursery Rhymes and Quizzes” and “Uyghur Children’s Tales“.

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar currently is a member of the Chinese People’s Literature and Artists Association, member of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region’s Writer’s Association, a member of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region’s Literature and Artists council, director of Kashgar People’s Literature and Artists Association, director of Kashgar Uyghur Publishing House’s reading, examining and planning office, Candidate senior editor.


Some of his articles published on various magazines