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Who is Qehriman Rozi Erchin

Qehriman Rozi Erchin

Qehriman Rozi Erchin is a well-known journalist and poet who has received accolades for his extensive contributions to the Uyghur community. Regretfully, Erchin has been detained since 2018, and the specifics of his imprisonment, including his prison term and place of detention, are currently unknown. Born in Bay County, Aksu Prefecture, in 1967. He served as the editor-in-chief of the local magazine “Mozat Waves” and works as a reporter at the Bureau of Culture-Sports-Radio-Film-Television in Bay County. His literary works, including over 550 poems and over 30 prose pieces, have been published in various publications.

Erchin’s literary writings have been recognized by numerous institutions, including the Literary Creation Seminar of Young Writers organized by “Tengritagh” magazine in 1993, where he received the first prize. In 1994, he was awarded the third prize at the “Caravan Road” art contest organized by “Workers’ Times,” and in 1996, his poems earned him two second prizes in the poetry and prose competition on the theme of “Motherland-Altun Diyar” organized by “Kashgar” magazine. His literary works have gained significant attention, such as “Moon Poems,” “Heartless Love (1996),” “the Sound of Tarim,” “Earth in Kashgar (2000),” “I Will Not Forget You,” “The Disappeared Hero,” and “Taklamakan Flowers.” Several of his poems have been composed by musicians and played on programs of the Central People’s Radio Station and Xinjiang People’s Radio Station. His poetry collection “Mashuksizi Maktup (Letter Without Lover)” published by Kashgar Uyghur Publishing House – 喀什噶尔维吾尔出版社 in October 2014. Erchin’s literary contributions to the Uyghur community, particularly his works for children, have made him well-liked among Uyghur children. He has written more than 150 poems for children, which have been published in Uyghur newspapers and magazines such as the children’s magazine “Tarim Ghuncheleri.” In 1999, his name was included in the “Dictionary of Chinese Minority Writers.”

Erchin is a member of the Xinjiang Writers’ Association, the Xinjiang People’s Literary Artists (Oral Literature) Association, and the Aksu Provincial Writers’ Association, and he served as the vice President and Secretary General of the Bay County Writers Association.

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