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Who is Abduhaliq Mettursun

Abduhaliq Mettursun
Abduhaliq Mettursun
Abduhaliq Mettursun

Mr. Abduhaliq Mettursun is the one of the imprisoned Uyghur writers, he was first detained in May 2017 for a period of three months at a concentration camp.

He was then sent to prison in September 2017. This was the last time the testifier heard from him.

The last point of contact between the testifier and his other relatives in China was August 2020. At that time, a police officer from Hotan Prefecture arranged a WeChat call [presumably with his family] to confirm Abduhaliq’s detention.

The same police officer called the testifier one week later, asking about his situation [in Turkey] and when he was planning to return to his hometown. The testifier did not answer, and asked only to speak to Abduhaliq. That was the last time the police officer called.

It is believed that Abduhaliq Mettursun was detained in connection with his work and the preservation of Uyghur culture.

Abduhaliq Mettursun was born in 1976 in the village of Kokyar, Keriye County in Hoten provence. In 1999, he graduated from Kashgar College of Pedagogical Faculty of Literature.

Abduhaliq Mettursun entered the creative field with articles such as “Life and Death view in the `Masnavi Ruins` “, “Feelings at accompany the bier to the graveyard” published in “Urumqi Evening Newspaper” in 1996. After that, he published About Shirin Dorgha, a famous folk artist who lived in the history of Keriye and his lineage“, “About the name of Keriye in various historical periods and the origin of the name `Keriye`‘, “Ancient Cultural Traces in Karakorum – About the Lush Cemetery”, “About Keriye Hatem Pasha Road”, “Artistic Mirror of History“, “Poetry – Path of Suffering“, “Karakoram Myths” in the journals and magazines such as “Yengi Qashteshi (New Jade)”, “hoten Newspaper”, “Xinjiang Education”, “Xinjiang Social Science Research”, “Xinjiang Chronicle”, “Xinjiang Youth”, “Xinjiang Advanced College of Uyghur Medical Science Journal”, “Keriye Historical Materials”. He has published more than 40 articles and other translation works. He was also responsible for the page making, proofreading, editing, and editorial work of “Kokbulaq (Blue Spring)” magazine and “Keriye” magazine published by the Keriye County Literary Artists Union.

One of his stories was published in “Xinjiang Youth Magazine” in 2015. His works such as “Feelings at the time of death”, “About Keriye Hatem Pasha Road”, and “a life spent in business” rewarded.

Abduhaliq Mettursun’s article titled On Medical Ideas Expressed in Hoten Traditional Folklore’published in the 4th issue of 2006 of Xinjiang Advanced College of Uyghur Medical Science Journal” won the 2nd prize in the magazine’s five-year article awards ceremony. In 2008, he was awarded the title of “Outstanding Worker in Folklore Research” by the Keriye County People’s Government.

Some of his articles published on various magazines