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Who is Eysajan Turdi Achchiq


Mr. Eysajan Turdi Achchiq is the one of the imprisoned Uyghur writers, his sentenced time is unknown.

Eysajan Turdi Achchiq was born on October 1, 1972, in Achal village, Kelpin County of Aksu Provence. In 1993, he graduated from the Department of Language and Literature of Kashgar Pedagogical Institute. From 1993 to 2013, he worked as a teacher and school administrator in Achal and Chilan villages. Before arresting he worked as the vice president of the Kelpin County Association of Literature and Artists.

Since his story “Flower” was published in “Xinjiang Youth Newspaper” in 1988, “Xinjiang Youth”, Since then, he published more than 400 poems such as ” Flower of Hijran “, “Colorful Memories”, “Teacher in the Villege”, “We are”, “Asiye”, “Death Song”, “man from the Desert” in many different magazines including “Xinjiang Education”, “Tengritagh”, “Tarim”, “Kiroran”, “Tarim Ghunchiliri”.

His other works also published on newspapers and magazines such as “China Nationalities” and “Aksu Literature”.

More than 100 pieces of proses like “Letters written to Dilber”, “Love on the circle”, “Nowruz says so“, “Devil’s laugh”, “Master’s vow”, “Spring breaths” and more than 200 articles such as “Teacher is always precious”, “Teacher’s longing and desire”, “Teacher’s sanctity and responsibility”, “Teacher and dignity”, “Call to protect Sunday”; and some literatures such as “it is a love not an apple”, “Girl or woman” , “Being love for love”, “Girls, we are Uyghur and this is Teklimakan”, “the Filthy in poetry”, “thin Satan and thick Satan” were published. “Angel Don’t Come to a Dirty Place” rewarded 12th Khantengri Literature Award, “Praise Song for hypocrites” got 1st Grade Award of the Followers’ Cup, “Colorful Memories” got 1st Grade Award for “Outstanding Works in Literary Pages” of the Autonomous Region in 1996, “, “Unwritten Poem” got “Aksu Provincial News Award” and “Why Did You suicide” got “Choghluq Literature Award”.

Some of his works such as “Springs in Mountains”, “40 Years of Glory”, “Gift of Heart”, “Earth in Kashgar” are included in collective collections named “the Moon in The Tarim”.

Nowruz Says So“, “We Found Spring”, “the man from the villege”, “villege and City” used in textbooks and reference books at all levels. “My Kelpin” and other 11 pieces poses were recorded and distributed by Xinjiang Television Station.

His books which handed for publish are “Girl’s Street”, “Where is Morality”, “Satan’s Laugh”, “The handbook of Sin”, “The future is Calling You”.

In his work life, he has been evaluated and awarded as “pioneer individual”, “outstanding educational worker”, “famous school principal” by the county and district many times. In September 2012 he was awarded the “Provincial Special Teacher” with among other 21 teachers in Xinjiang.  He is a member of the Aksu Provincial Writers’ Association and a member of the Xinjiang Writers’ Association.

Some of his articles on various magazines

The tears and magic of books

Some of his poems, and others