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Uyghur Hjelp in 2023

Uyghur Hjelp in 2023

Uyghur Hjelp in 2023.

Uyghur Hjelp completed following tasks From September 2022 to September 2023:

From September 2022 Uyghur Hjelp continued its investigation, documentation, advocating and hamartian aid. We kept conducting interviews with camp survivors, victims, and witnesses. In September 2022, documented two new camp survivors’ stories, collected five victims’ experience and collected some witnesses’ testimonies. Their story introduced to the media and researchers, they were published by economist, BBC, and other media recently.,

Uyghur Hjelp continued assisting two Uyghur mother language schools in Turkey. Tangnur and Hira are the target schools in Istanbul, they are granted by Uyghur Hjelp. We supported their teachers by paying their wages and rewarded a few students and teachers who are doing great job.

Uyghur Hjelp Published other 4 volumes of the Uyghur Textbook which published 2 volumes last year, their audio version prepared and shared on youtube We are going to publish other volumes and their audio versions gradually.

Uyghur Hjelp continued its support to students studying in Turkish universities. We have granted 3 PhD and one master students so far; the grant will continue this semester as well. With our support 2 PhD and one master students graduated in January 2023.

Uyghur Hjelp organized a media workshop with the World Uyghur Congress in Istanbul in February. We trained 17 participants from Turkey and other the central Asian republics. They have started their work against Chinese propaganda in the Central Asia. With those activist we started Ortlaland project to make awareness in Russian the central Asia. The project already started working

Uyghur Hjelp and World Uyghur Congress held spring camp for Uyghur teens from European countries in April. We took them to Humboldt Museum, introduce Uyghur history. There are 30 students from 10 countries participated the event.

Uyghur Hjelp continued documenting about imprisoned Uyghur intellectuals, investigate hard strake policy against Uyghurs and new trend of detentions in different cities. It started to collect and to classify social media information, such as videos, texts, and government files.

Uyghur Hjlep completed the report about Uyghur female spiritual leaders. Abduweli Ayup and Dr. Racheal Harris finished writing the report, it is going to be release soon. Another project about Uyghur children in the boarding school is ongoing.

Uyghur Hjelp have prepared, edited and translated biography for Uyghur intellectuals who imprisoned in China. We are planning to publish their works into English in the future.

Who is Gheyretjan Osman

Abduweli Ayup, the project momager keeps his advocacy, since august this year he traveled at least one a month. He participated conferences, organized workshops, and summer schools, talked to the media, contributed to documentary films and reports, lectured at the universities and parliaments.

Uyghur Hjelp is going to continue those ongoing projects. From the next year we are planning to do the following:

  1. To translate and publish some books about personal development, psychological treatment and personal psychology. Especially we are going to focus on translating and publishing the books about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
  2. To support a Uyghur Bookstores faced to close in Turkey. There were five Uyghur bookstores in Istanbul, but now only two of them survived. We are going to support one of them to keep their business. We are going to grant wage for one staff who is working there.
  3. To organize summer camp for Uyghur teens around the world. We are planning to recruit 40 studenst from different Uyghur diaspora.
  4. To support after school Uyghur class in the central Asia. We are planning to encourage teachers to recruit Uyghur students who are in Russian schools.
  5. Focus on documentations about forced labor, perpetrators of the genocide and Chinese labor transfer projects against Uyghurs.