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Who is Abbas Muniyaz Turkiqan

Abbas Muniyaz Turkiqan
Abbas Muniyaz Turkiqan
Abbas Muniyaz Turkiqan

Mr. Turkiqan is the one of the imprisoned Uyghur writers, he is now serving his 12 years of prison terms. His writings got awarded, he influenced thousands of Uyghurs in China. He was appointed high position in educational departments in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. He was the professional writer, and active member of Xijiang Writers Association.

Abbas Muniyaz Turkiqan was born in 1966 in Aksu City. In 1986, He graduated from Language-literature department, Hotan Teachers College, and worked at Aksu City No 1 middle school. From 1992 to 1994 he studied at Xinjiang university and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Uyghur Language-literature.

Mr. Turkiqan worked as a teacher at Aksu No 1 middle school until July 2014, during the time he was selected as an advanced teacher, and for a while he was appointed a department head of the Language and Literature department in Aksu municipal government. He was a member of the Educational research committee , and a vice president of the Aksu writers association.

He started his writing with fictions. In 1985 his fiction, ‘Responsibility’ was published in ‘New Jade’ literary magazine when he was a student at the college. He wrote more than 70 fictions and 60 prose, such as, ‘Please Be Satisfied Raziya’Handyman’, ‘The man make oils in a traditional way’, ‘Sweet Dream’, ‘This side of the Stone Bridge’, ‘Football’, ‘Evil habit’, ‘Eye notes’.

He wrote more than 10 successful novels such as, ‘Country of Miracle’, Sleepover Nights’, ‘Eyes of the Melody’, Hives of Summer’, ‘Baby with beards’, and ‘The trusted One’, ‘Frustrated Writer-Abdulla Harabati’, ‘Tenha Perwane’, ‘Dillar Perwazi‘, ‘The last Hunting’,The Thinkfull Mind, ‘Please Be Satisfied Raziya’,  ‘Untwistable Twister’, ‘The feminine universe’, ‘The Eclipsed Evening‘, ‘The Dark Craving‘, ‘The Heart Diary’, ‘What An Obsession In Others Desire‘.

He wrote the most popular essays, like Uyghurs in global media, what I want to tell, the hunger for power and our qualification, another face or tragedy. In his essays, he criticize  unequal opportunity toward different ethnic groups, racial discriminations,  inappropriate educational policy, language policy, and power abuse in education, and administration.

He also wrote ‘the middle school Uyghur Language and Literature review handbook’. His some writings were selected into elementary schools, high schools, and colleges textbooks, such as, ‘Eyes of the Melody’, ‘Forever Questions’, and ‘Magical Muztagh’.

His writings translated into Chinese, such as novels ‘The Last Hunting’, ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘The Song at Night’, ‘Magical Muztagh’, ‘Unfound Tomb’, ‘Evil morning sickness’, ‘White Sparrow, ‘Betrayal’, Get out of myself’, ‘Stone’, ‘My Son with Blond Hair’. He also has some writings translated into Kyrgyz Languages such as, ‘The sun seen in the Angle of the Street’, ‘Fate’, ‘Sleep Overs Nights, andSeven Girls’.

His novel, ‘Please Be Satisfied Raziya’ got ‘The Fourth HanTangri award’ and his Novel, ‘The Last Hunting’ Awarded as a great writing by the Xinjiang Literature and Cultural Association, it also awarded a ‘Tarim Literature award’. His novel, ‘The eyes of Melody’ was awarded “best writing” by ‘Tarim’, the monthly literary magazine. In addition, his other 8 works was awarded  by prizes Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous regional level.  He got ‘The Golden Wedding‘ award and ‘The dedicated writer’ award. In January 2011, His writings were achieved the most prestigious ‘Xinjiang youth writer award’.

He had translated some fictions from Mandarin Chines into Uyghur, such as, ‘Alcoholic’, ‘Father’s Love’, ‘Three women and one clothes’. He introduced Uzbek literature to Uyghur readers such as, ‘My wife is a writer’, ‘The View behind The Window’, and ‘Please save our mind’.

His writings got awards, became best sellers, achieved overwhelming attention in Uyghur speaking world. He wrote wonderful novels, essays, fictions, biography. He is the most beloved Uyghur writer and gets everyone’s admire. Unfortunately, Abbas Muniyaz Turkiyqan got arrested in 2018 because of his writings and was sentenced to 12 years in 2019 by the Chinese government.



Translated by Turnisa Matsedik-Qira

Reference; Web world 2015 March.

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