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Who is Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash

Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash
Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash
Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash .

Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash is an intellectual from the Uyghur community who has been imprisoned since 2018. He is a sociologist and a professor at Xinjiang University, who completed his education in the United States.

Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash was born in 1975 in Aksu Uchturpan County. He studied at the Chinese Language Department of Xinjiang University from 1992 to 1996. After graduation, he worked as a translator in the Translation Department of the Autonomous Region’s State Tax Administration, an editor in “Xinjiang Tax Affairs” magazine, and a teacher in the “Tax Training Center”.

In 2001, Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash established the “Sarkhush English” training center where he taught English. He has authored a series of textbooks, such as “The Wandering English Course” (four parts) and “The Soulful Wandering English Grammar“. His unique teaching method, comprehensive knowledge structure, and unique textbooks have made him popular among language learners.

Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash was awarded the “Ford International Scholarship” in 2007, which allowed him to pursue his studies in sociology at the University of Hawaii. He obtained his master’s degree in December 2009 and his PhD in May 2013. After completing his studies in the United States, he returned to Urumqi and began working as a teacher at Xinjiang University.

Zulpiqar Barat Ozbash is the author of two books, “What Sociologists Say” and “On the Margins of Self“. He also translated some novels, some of them published on magazines and some published as books i.e. “Beloved” (Toni Morrison). Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by Chinese authorities in 2018 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He is currently serving his sentence in Bortala prison. Despite being a hardworking and studious person, he was accused of no crime other than being a member of the Uyghur community.

Some of his books found on the internet:

What Sociologists Say
What Sociologists Say, alternative link, alternative link ISBN: 978-7-228-14598-0 published by the Xinjiang People’s Publishing House – 新疆人民出版社 in October 2015
On the Margins of Self
On the Margins of Self, alternative link, alternative link, Audio book, alternative link ISBN: 978-7-5631-2464-0 published by Xinjiang University Publishing House – 新疆大学出版社 in April 2011.
Beloved, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link ISBN: 978-7-228-17834-6 published by the Xinjiang People’s Publishing House – 新疆人民出版社 in October 2014
The Wandering English Course
The Wandering English Course (Part One), alternative link, (Part Two), alternative link ISBN: 7-5370-4699-9 published by the Xinjiang Educational Puablishing House – 新疆教育出版社 in October 2014.
The Soulful Wandering English Grammar
The Soulful Wandering English Grammar, alternative link ISBN: 7-5372-3768-9 published by the Xinjiang People’s Health Publishing House – 新疆人民卫生出版社 in May 2004.

Some of his articles on the internet:

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