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Who is Qasimjan Osman Ghazi

Qasimjan Osman Ghazi
Qasimjan Osman Ghazi
Qasimjan Osman Ghazi

Mr. Qasimjan Osman Ghazi is the one of the imprisoned Uyghur writers, Qasimjan Osman Ghazi is one of the administrators of the “Awan’gart (Pioneer)” poetry website. He was a poet and a cadre at the propaganda department of Payzawat county communist party office.
He was arrested by the local authorities.

Qasimjan Osman Ghazi was born on January 3, 1974, in Gholtoghraq village of Peyzawat county in Kashgar. He began his educational journey at the Kashgar School of Finance then made his decision to pursue higher education in the Uyghur Literature department at Xinjiang University.

Qasimjan Osman Ghazi’s literary career started in 1994. His literary works encompass a variety of themes, including “Literature of Nations”,Tangritagh”, “Tarim”,Turpan”,Kashgar“, “Kroran“, “Ili River”,Qizilsu Literature”,Kusen Culture”,Muzat, and Waves”.

Qasimjan Osman Ghazi’s works have received special recognition in publications like “Kroran”, “National Literature” and other magazines.

From 2006 to 2008, he worked at the North Liberation Road Office in Urumqi City. Student of the 15th Resolution Lu Xun Literary Institute. He is currently a member of Xinjiang Writers Association, Chinese Minority Writers Association, and Chinese Poetry Association.

In March 2013, Kashgar Uyghur Publishing House published and distributed a translated book called “Mistagh Qizi“. In 2015, the translated book “Anna Akhmatova’s Poems” was planned to be published by Kashgar Uyghur Publishing House.

His collection of Chinese poems titled “Eternal Now” is about to be published.

He was working as a history-commentary writer at the office of the Peyzawat County Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Some of his poems on the internet:

Saltless Nights

Flowing To Your Side