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Who is Abliz Osman

Abliz Osman
Abliz Osman
Abliz Osman (on the right)

Mr. Abliz Osman is the one of the influencer Uyghur writers, since 2017 he was being missing.

Abliz Osman was born on August 8, 1965, in the Uch Turpan town of Xinjiang. He pursued his primary and secondary education from 1973 to 1981. Subsequently, in 1983, he gained admission to the Faculty of Literature at Xinjiang University after high school. After his graduation in 1988, he commenced his career as a journalist and literary editor at the Uyghur Editorial Department of the “Aksu News”. Since August 2005, he has been actively engaged in literary pursuits as part of the Uyghur Editorial Department of the “Aksu Literature”.

Abliz Osman’s literary creativity has begun since high school. He wrote over five hundred poems, more than fifty essays, short stories, literary news articles, literary memoirs, fifteen novels, academic papers, and over twenty translated works. Noteworthy publications are “As-Sirāt Bridge (Pulsirat Kowruki)” (a compendium of literary news articles), “That Night (Shu Keche)” (an anthology of poems), and “Selfless Poet Nimshehit (Pidakar Shair Nimshehit)“. Furthermore, more than ten collections of his works have been curated in Uyghur and Kazakh languages. Over twenty-five of his works have been translated into Kazak, such as “Literature of Nations“, a distinguished state-level literary publication. Abliz Osman’s works have been selected in literary textbooks for middle school literature class.

Abliz Osman’s literary honored a lot. His literary news article titled “Talent, Human, Feature (Talant, Adem, Kelechek)” received the “Golden Age (Altun Chagh)” literary award. Furthermore, his literary news article titled “Song Of Fire (Ot Nahshisi)“, “Lyric Of Late Autumn (Kechkuz Lerikisi)” achieved within the literary pages of the Aksu newspaper. Similarly, his novel “As-Sirāt Bridge (Pulsirat Kowruki)” was bestowed the sixth “Hantengri Literary Award.” Additionally, his short story “Ah, Perishtilar” attained recognition in the “Spring Of Tarim (Tarim Bahari)” and “Ages (Devran)” literary awards.

Abliz Osman received the “Bei Yu Beilan” Literary and Art Contribution Award in 2008 which is bestowed by the Aksu Prefecture and Shanghai City. At present, he serves as a member of the Chinese Minority Writers’ Association and member of the Xinjiang Writers’ Association. He is vice President of the Aksu Writers’ Association now.

Some of His books on the internet:

As-Sirāt Bridge (Pulsirat Kowruki)
As-Sirāt Bridge (Pulsirat Kowruki), alternative link – published by the Kashgar Uyghur Publishing House – 喀什噶尔维吾尔出版社 in 1998.
That Night (Shu Keche)
That Night (Shu Keche), alternative link – published by Xinjiang People’s Publishing House – 新疆人民出版社 in 2003.
Selfless Poet Nimshehit (Pidakar Shair Nimshehit)
Selfless Poet Nimshehit (Pidakar Shair Nimshehit), alternative link, alternative link, alternative link – published by Xinjiang People’s Publishing House – 新疆人民出版社 in 2003.