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Who is Abdubesir Shukuri

Abdubesir Shukuri
Abdubesir Shukuri
Abdubesir Shukuri

Abdubesir Shukuri is the one of the imprisoned Uyghur writers, anonymous source told that he was sentenced life imprisonment.

Abdubesir Shukuri was born in 1964 in a farming family in Pichan village of Pichan county. When he was young, he was educated by his grandmother. When he was in elementary school, he liked to read books published in the old script, especially the book “Poems”, a collection of poems by Soviet Uyghur poets. Abdubesir started writing poetry since junior high school. While studying at the Central National University, he studied the ancient Uighur and Chagatai languages and was introduced to classical works. He realized that modern literature cannot be promoted without a real understanding of classical literature, so he improved his knowledge with research.


So far, he has published 72 research articles related to Uyghur culture, Uyghur classical literature, and Turkology in prestigious domestic and foreign journals. Among his research articles “Uyghur folk tale “Aq Ulumbardikhan and shamanism“, “On the Spiritual Basis of Totem“, “Otgnamese” and “Manas“, “New Platonism and Mysticism“, “Kul, a Famous Mystic Poet of the Eastern Literary Awakening” Khoja Ahmed Yessavi and his philosophical ideas, “The Cultural Meaning of Vision in Shamanism” have high scientific value. He also wrote “The Sun and the Fairy Tale“, “Thoughts Born from the ‘Hunting Spectacle’“, “The Vivid Image of Mysterious and Complex Human Emotions“, “Higher Dreams“, “The Pictures of the Hidden Heart“, “The Silent Song of the Pure Desert”,The Uyghur of Abdukha“. He wrote nearly 30 reviews and articles on the philosophical ideas and artistic features of his poems, “What I think about our literature“, and published a collection of literary reviews called “What Our Literature Says“, which received complements from readers.


From 2002 to 2003, Abdubesir participated in the catalog of the ancient Uyghur written records which kept at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Japan. In 1993, the article “The Artistic Features of Mamtimin Hoshurs Stories” was awarded the National Minority Literature Review Award. in 1994, the article “Great Dreams” was awarded the “Khanthengri Literature Award“, and in 1995, the article “Exploring the Ancient Uyghur Horse Culture” was awarded the “Outstanding Research Award” in regional social science research.


He also have published some books, include “Ancient Turkic-Runic Monuments“, “`guide to divination`(Palname) and ancient Uyghur worldviews“, “Monuments of Orkhon“.


Abdubesir Shukuri is currently a member of the International Altai Studies Association, the Chinese Writers Association, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Writers Association, the Turpanology Scientific Association, board member of the Xinjiang People’s Oral Literature Association, the Chinese Uyghur Classical Literature and Twelve Muqam Scientific Associations.

Source: People’s Network

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