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The Uyghur detainees died in the camps

These are the list of Uyghur detainees died in camps (detention centers) between 2016 and 2018.

1. Imam Abla (Imam hajim), (M), businessmen 45-47 years old, arrested in march 2016, and died June 15 2017, igiz Eriq Street, Kashgar city.
2. Buzora Abliz, (F), 45 years old, housewife, she died in reeducation camp July 2018, Kashgar city
3. Tahir Mijit, (M), 40 years old, famous charity organizer, philanthropist and millionaire, he died in a camp in August 16 2018.
4. Hebibhan Meruf (M), Businessman, Toqsun county, Turpan, died in the camp February 2018
5. Abdukerim Hajim (M), 70 years old, died in a reeducation camp in January 2018. Abdukerim Hajim and Buzora are couple.
6. Eysa Rusul, (M), businessman, died in reeducation camps in 2018, Kashgar city.
7. Rahman Idris, (M), real estate owner, died in reeducation camps in 2018
8. Gholam Memet (M), Businessmen, died in the camp January 2018
9. Memeteli Damolla (M) Retired government official, died in the camp January 2018
10. Reyhangul Muhemmet (F), Teacher in Kelpin Township, died in the camp 27 February 2018.
11. RehimJan Tursun (M) 41 years old, born in Chochek, after 8 months being detained, died May 30th, 2018,
12. Yasin Hajim (M) born in Kashgar city, international businessman, well-cooperated with government, died in 2018