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Who is Mambet Turdi

Mambet Turdi
Mambet Turdi
Mambet Turdi –

Mambet Turdi (مامبەت تۇردى or مامبەت تۇردۇ) is one of the intellectuals who got imprisoned in 2018. Het got sentenced in 2019, but the prison term is unknown.

Mambet Turdi (Kyrgyzs) is from Atush City, East Turkistan (aka Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region). He was a literary critic, researcher, when he detained was a professor at Literature Department, Xinjiang Normal University.

Mambet Turdi graduated from the Department of Literature of Xinjiang University in 1988. He previously worked as an associate researcher at the Institute of Literature, in Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences.

Mambet Turdi was working as a folklore professor at Xinjiang Normal University. He was the standing committee member of 8th, 9th and 10th term of the National Youth Union, Committee member of the 8th Political Council of the Autonomous Region, Member of the Standing Committee of the 13th People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, standing committee member of the “Manas” research society, and is currently serving as vice president of the Xinjiang Writers Association.

Mr. Turdi began publishing in 1983, and joined the Chinese Writers Association in 2003. Among his main works are the collection of poems “Heart”, the collection of essays “Let’s not forget ourselves”, “History of Kyrgyz Literature” (Kyrgyz, Chinese), “Multiple Forms of Manas” and performing arts” series.

He won many awards such as National Minority’s Literary Award, Autonomous Region’s Social Science Award, and “Tengri-Tagh Literature and Art Award”.

He was detained in February 2018, when he was teaching at the university.

Some of his articles on ther various magazines