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Who is Halide Israel

Halide Israel
Halide Israel
Halide Israel

Halide Israel was born in Kashgar in October 1952, her parents were government officials. She is an Uyghur editor, writer, and journalist. She worked in different cities before her study in Beijing. From 1971 to 1972 she worked at Hotan Daily.

From 1972 to 1975, Halide studied at Minzu University in Beijing. After her graduation, she worked at Xinjiang Daily. Since then, she has been a manager of the Literature and cultural department of Xinjiang Daily. She got retired now, living under home arrest since 2017, she is being deprived rights of writing.

Halide’s writing started in 1985 and since then she wrote short fiction such as, ‘Oh Life’‘Mother’, ‘Most Beautiful Memory’‘Swans’ Lake’, ‘Stone City’, No Cattle in The City’ and ‘Wish’. They published prestigious Uyghur magazines like TarimTengritagh, and Xinjiang Culture.

She wrote novels, such as, Dream of the Desert‘Those Eyes’‘Colorful Tornado’‘The Snow in Spring’, Orbit, The People Holding The Torch’, And ‘Mahtumsula’.

Halide Israel’s love stories are viral among educated young readers, and her language and characters are attractive to all age groups.

Halide’s fiction collection, Dream of the Desert was published in Xinjiang People publication in 1992. Her other book, Searching the Mother River published in 2014. She has two novels on the best-selling list among the Uyghurs, The Past’ was published in 2011, The Golden Shoes was published in 2014.

Halide also wrote some essays; they were published in different collections and some of them were awarded by very high credential organizations. She was a board member of the Xinjiang Writers’ Association.

Some of her books:

The Golden Shoes
The Golden Shoes, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link
The Past
The Past, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link, alternative link
Searching the Mother River
Searching the Mother River, alternative link, alternative link
Dream of the Desert
Dream of the Desert, alternative link
No Cattle in The City
No Cattle in The City (in Chinese)