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Who is Memtimin Hoshur

Memetimin Hoshur
Memtimin Hoshur
Memtimin Hoshur

Writer and journalist Memtimin Hoshur was born in  at Ghulja City in 1944. He studied at Murad School in Ghulaj City from 1951 to 1956 and at Ghulja City 3rd Middle School from 1956 to 1962. In 1962, Memtimin admitted the Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature of Xinjiang University. After graduating in 1967, he worked in government administrative agencies for a while. During the cultural revolution he got persecuted and underwent “re-education”, returned to work at the end of 1979. He had been in charge of the Ili River, a literature magazine since 1979, and he was the vice president of the Writers’ Association of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture. In 2000s, he was elected as the vice-chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Literature and Artists Association and the chairman of the Autonomous Region Writers’ Association.

Mamtimin Hushur was really successful  with his first fiction “Apple”, it got published in 1965 which made his name popular among the Uyghur readers. Since then, especially since the end of the 70s, he has entered the field of prose with a new sarcastic narrations.

In 1980s, Memtimin Hoshur started to get attention with his black humors. A number of fictions such as Passengers in the Shell”, “Ayxan (ئايخان)” (in Kazakh) – Aikhan, Crazy, The Mustache Dispute, Edged Cup, and Golden Tooth Dog, Festival for the Pigs.

Memtimin Hoshur wrote some biographic novels such as “Nuzugum (نۇزۇگۇم)” (in Mongolian) – “Nuzugum”, “Friends”, “Hello, Brother Hesam“, “The Years Passed by“. His novel Blessed Snow, which received strong attentions and good reviews in the literary field and among booklovers.

Memtimin Hoshur had also published academic books such as “A Brief History of Ili Uyghur Drama”, “Strange Life, Strange Logic”. And he also published some non-fiction assays like “Our fiction in this year”, and “It’s Not Easy to Be a Scholar”. Memtimin Hoshur translated some novels into Uyghur, such as “Ih, 15-year-old Khalida”.

Mamtimin Hoshur’s published works are:

Memtimin Hoshur was a candidate senior editor, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, and a member of the Chinese Minority Writers Academic Association.

Memtimin Hoshur got detained in the camp in 2018, released in 2019. His current situation is unknown.


Some of his books on the internet:

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