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What we have done in 2022

The taste of Uyghur

The jobs Uyghur Hjelp has done from September 2021 to September 2022

From 2021 September to September 2022 Uyghur Hjelp accomplished its works, completed its projects, reached its goals as planned period of time.

According to its plans, Uyghur Hjelp conducted research, published books, organized festivals, supported Uyghur mother language education, funded students, rewarded mother language teachers, advocated to stop Uyghur genocide and to prevent  Uyghur force labor, publicized the leaked documents, trained Uyghur job hunters in English, Turkish and job skills, aided Uyghur rights activists.

Uyghur Hjelp documented and conducted research on imprisoned Uyghur athletes and Olympic torch holders who got arrested since 2016. The research presented during the Olympic, it got international attention in February 2022, when China was holding winter Olympic .

Uyghur Hjelp kept supporting 5 PhD students and 3 Master students in Turkey from October 2021 to the September 2022. Four students graduated, others are having support continuously.

Uyghur Hjelp supported the junior high school Uyghur students who are from middle east and The central Asian countries  to Turkey in recent years. Their parents were stuck in those countries and they came to Turkey after having chances to obtain the Turkish passport, according to their needs Uyghur Hjelp organized special training program for their children, trained 47 students in Istanbul for 8 months.

Uyghur Hjelp organized job training and language training for Uyghur job hunters in Istanbul for twice about 9 months, it included Turkish, English language training and skill training. Some of the trainees had found the jobs and enrolled by the universities. Uyghur Hjelp hope to continue these projects.

Uyghur Hjelp supported mother language education among the Uyghur in Kasakhstan, aided teachers, published a book in Cyrillic Alphabet which they are using that Alphabet. Uyghur Hjelp also provided Uyghur textbooks to the Uyghur language Sunday schools in Istanbul.

Uyghur Hjelp published three books to support Uyghur writers in diaspora, two are poetry collections, and another one is the collection poems of imprisoned writers in Uyghur Homeland.

Uyghur Hjelp organized Uyghur school every Sunday. Uyghur Culture Festival was hold in Bergen at the Public Library in Mart 21 by Uyghur Hjelp.

Uyghur Hjelp set up Mihriay Erkin Mother Language Award with Japan Uyghur association in February 2022, the first award presented in Febuary 23d.

Uyghur Hjelp participated leaking the secret document Konasheher List and publicized the relevant pictures, documents and profiles. Uyghur Hjelp convinced Uyghurs from different parts of the world to be witnesses about Uyghur genocide.

Uyghur Hjelp successfully advocated to stop selling Chinese solar panels in Europe, Abduweli Ayup presented the event to the medias and to the students, he spread message on social media, as a result, University of Bergen canceled solar panel contract with Chinese solar company for ten years.

Uyghur Hjelp supported Uyghur Human rights activist Idris Hasan who got arrested in Morocco in July 2021. Uyghur Hjelp supported him and his family from July 2021 till May 2022, advocated his case, every months his family is subsidized 500 hundred Euro.

Abduweli Ayup, the project manager of the Uyghur Hjelp participated conferences in Praha, Gdansk, Munich, Montreal, Oslo. He presented platforms, conferences and forums, he worked with UN Human Rights Commissions, Norwegian Pen,  Amnesty international, Human Rights Watch, Faceguard defenders, Uyghur Human Rights Project  and Uyghur Pen.

Abduweli Ayup wrote Uyghur Textbooks in six volumes, there are other four volumes are on the way. He published his Jail memoir in Turkish and Uyghur in Turkey, he also published his two books in Uyghur in Istanbul. He conducted survey, interview for writing the book about Ilham Tohti.

As the project manager of Uyghur Hjelp, I want to apply for funding for my book about Ilham Tohti, Uyghur textbooks, and my self-supported research on imprisoned Uyghur female religious leaders. Of course, Uyghur Hjelp is willing to continue its other ongoing projects if we can have support.

The taste of Uyghur
The taste of Uyghur