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Who is Anikiz Eziz Ilterish


Mrs. Anikiz Eziz Ilterish was born in 1975.  She graduated from the geography Faculty of Hotan Pedagogical College in 1997 and started working at Kattaylak Secondary School in the city of Atush. In March 2006, she has been working at No.1 middle school in Atush.

Anikiz Eziz’s writing career has begun with an article titled “From Ili River Valley to Kiran River Valley” published in “Ili Newspaper” in December 1998. Since then, she published her articles about love, marriage, family, education, and culture in many different magazines and newspapers including “Xinjiang Newspaper”, “Xinjiang Culture”, “Xinjiang Women”, “Xinjiang Youth”, “Chinese Nationalities”, “Xinjiang Art”, “Kroran”, “Yengi Kashteshi”, “Kashgar”, “Tengritagh” and “Xinjiang Education”.

From 2002 to 2005, she received the “Best News Author” Award from “Xinjiang Newspaper”. In 2005, she was awarded the “Best News Author” by “Science and Life” magazine. In 2006, her article “Mr. Memtili’s Spirit” won the “Special Prize” in the “Uyghurs and Development” essay contest organized by “Kroren” magazine. In 2007, her article ” Masculinity and Marriage Crisis” won the first “Bugra” Literary Award organized by “Qizilsu Literature”. In 2007, her article “What Orphans Need” won the second prize of the “Knowledge and Power” and “Science and Life” Masterpiece Awards of the Science and Technology Association of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR). In 2008, she won the award of “Best News Author” issued by “Chinese Nationalities” magazine. In 2008, her academic paper ” the Demand for a New Curriculum and Language and Literature Teachers’ Dissatisfaction “ was rated first by the Autonomous Regional Teaching Research Office. In December 2010, she won the third place in second Science and Life Masterpieces Award of the Science and Technology Association of XUAR. In 2012, her article titled “The Family Environment that Children Seeking for” was ranked second by “Xinjiang Education” magazine, and her review titled “The novel Sadaqet and my thoughts about it” won the third prize of Eziz Atawullah Sartekin’s “Uyghur Novel” evaluation of literary reviews in 2013. Recently, she submitted a collection of articles “Life flourishes with love” to Xinjiang People’s Health Publishing House, and a children’s book entitled “The Face of my grandmother” to Xinjiang Youth Publishing House. She is now a member of Xinjiang Writers Association.

Some of her articles on the internet:

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How far away are the dreams of seeking enlightenment (education) and reaching perfection from us? published on the “Kashgar” magazine 2012.06 page. 32.

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Some other articles published on various magazines