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List of Uyghur intellectuals imprisoned in China from 2016 to the present
(Last up-dated by Abduweli Ayup on March 13th, 2021)

List of Uyghur intellectuals imprisoned in China from 2016 to the present
(Last up-dated by Abduweli Ayup on March 13th, 2021)

Abduweli Ayup


Medical Researchers and Doctors

  1. Halmurat Ghopur, (M) Former president of Xinjiang Medical University, head of XUAR Medical Oversight Bureau, physician, PhD
  2. Abbas Eset, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD. Note: He is recently released.
  3. Nurmemet Emet (M) Dean of the Department of Uyghur Traditional Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University PhD
  4. Enwer Tohti, (M) Instructor at the Department of Uyghur Traditional Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University
  5. Alim Pettar, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD
  6. Perhat Behti, (M) Vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University
  7. Abduqeyum Tewekkul, (M) Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People’s Hospital
  8. Enwer Abdukérim, (M0 Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People’s Hospital
  9. Husen Hesen (M) physician, Kucha Hospital of Uyghur Medicine
  10. Ebeydulla Hesen (M) physician, XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital
  11. Tahir Hesen (M), physician, Kucha people’s hospital
  12. NejibullaAblat (M) cardiologist, Kashgar No.2 people’s Hospital.
  13. Dolqun Tursun (M), XUAR Department of Preventive Medical.
  14. Ilham Imam (M), ENT specialist, Aaffiliated Hospital of Xinjiang medical University
  15. Gulshen Abbas (F) Physician, XUAR Nurbagh Petroleum Hospital
  16. Abdurehimjan Emet (M), physician XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital

University professors

  1. Erkin Abdurehim (Oghuz), (M) Professor, Kashgar University, retired
  2. Metréhim Haji, (M) Professor, Kashgar University
  3. Enwer Isma’il, (M) Associate Professor, Languge Department Kashgar University
  4. Enwer Qadir, (M ) Associate Professor, Language Department Kashgar University
  5. Abdukerem Paltu (M), Department of History, Kashgar University
  6. Erkin Ömer, (M) Professor, Kashgar University, school principal
  7. Mukhter Abdughopur, (M) professor, Kashgar University
  8. Qurban Osman, (M) professors, Kashgar University
  9. Ablajan Abduwaqi, (M) Professor, Kashgar University; Dean of the Department of Mathematics. Note: Ablajan Abduwaqi is released recently.
  10. Rahile Dawut, (F) Professor, Xinjiang University; PhD
  11. Arslan Abdulla, (M) Professor; Former dean of the Institute of Philology, Xinjiang University; Head of XUAR People’s Government Cultural Advisors’ Office
  12. Abdukérim Rahman, (M) Professor, Xinjiang University
  13. Gheyretjan Osman, (M) Professor, Xinjiang University
  14. Tashpolat Téyip, (M) Professor, President of Xinjiang University
  15. Alim Ehet, (M) professor, Xinjiang University; Founder of Uyghur Soft Ltd.
  16. Dilmurat Tursun, (M) professor, Xinjiang University
  17. Batur Eysa, (M) professor, Xinjiang University
  18. Abdurehim Mahmut, (M) professor, Xinjiang University
  19. Erkin Imirbaqi, (M) professor, Xinjiang University
  20. Nurbiye Yadikar, (F) professor, Xinjiang University. Note: Nurbiye Yadikar was released.
  21. Nebijan Hebibulla, (M) professor, Xinjiang University
  22. Asiye Muhemmedsalih, (F) professor, Xinjiang University
  23. Abdusalam Ablimit, (M) professor, computer science, Xinjiang University
  24. Abdubesir Shükuri, (M) Professor, Dean, Institute of Philology, Xinjiang Normal University
  25. Abduqadir Jalalidin, (M) Professor, poet, Xinjiang Normal University;
  26. Jemile Saqi, (F) Professor, Xinjiang Institute for Education, wife of AbduqadirJalalidin
  27. Yunus Ebeydulla , (M) Professor, Xinjiang Normal University
  28. Ababekri Abdureshit, (M) professor, PhD, Xinjiang Normal University
  29. Nur’eli Shahyaqup, (M) professor, PhD, Xinjiang Normal University
  30. Nurmuhemmet Ömer (Uchqun), (M) professor, PhD, Xinjiang Normal University
  31. Kamil Metréhim, (M) Professor, Pedagogical Institute, Ürümchi Vocational University
  32. Arzugül Tashpolat, (F) professor, Xinjiang Engineering Institute; Arrested together with husband EkremTursun. Note: Arzigul Tashpolat was released in September 2019.
  33. Zulpiqar Barat (Özbash), (M), professor, PhD, Xinjiang Universit
  34. Nijat Ablimit, (M) professor, Kashgar University
  35. Dilmurat Ghopur, (M) Vice Rector, Xinjiang University
  36. Abduréhim Rahman, (M) Associate Professor, PhD; Xinjiang University; husband of Ruqiye Osman
  37. Ruqiye Osman, (F) Administrator, Xinjiang University Library; wife of Abduréhim Rahman
  38. Imam Muhemmet, (M), staff, Xinjiang University Computer center
  39. Weli Barat, (M) Former president of Xinjiang University.
  40. Mutellip Sidiq Qahiri (M) associate professor, Kashgar University.
  41. Enwer Sidiq (M), Lecturer of physics, Xinjiang Normal University
  42. Nijat Sopi, (M) Professor, PhD; Ili Teacher’s College; Dean of Literature Department.
  43. Barat Tursunbaqi, (M) Former president, Hotan Teachers College [Dazhuan]
  44. Ablet Abdurishit (Berqi), (M) Associate Professor, PhD; poet, Xinjiang Institute for Education
  45. Khalmurat Eysajan, (M) professor, Ili Pedagogical Institute
  46. Ömerjan Nuri, (M) professor, Hotan Teachers College [Dazhuan]
  47. Azat Sultan, (M) Chairman of XUAR Literature and Arts Union; Chair, Xinjiang Writers Association; Professor; Literature expert: Note: Azat Sultan was released in May 2019.
  48. Gulazat Tursun (F) professor, Xinjiang University Law school, Human rights specialist.
  49. Kerimjan Abdurehim (M), professor, poet, Kashgar Education Institute.
  50. Adil Ghappar (M), professor, Xinjiang Normal University.
  51. Juret Dolet (M), Director of Student Affair Office, Hotan Teacher’s College

High & middle School Teachers

  1. Ablajan Memet, (M) Konisheher No.1 High school.
  2. Ehmetjan Jume (M), Konisheher No.1 high school
  3. Sajidigul Ayup (F) Konisheher No.1 high school.
  4. Abla Memet (M) former headmaster of Kucha No.1 High School, reworded in 2017 in chemistry.
  5. Niyaz Imin, (M) Former teacher, Kucha County No.1 Middle School
  6. Ekrem Islam, (M) Vice Principal, Sanji City No.3 Middle School
  7. Dilraba Kamil, (F) Instructor, Ürümchi No.92 Middle School
  8. Tursunjan Hézim, (M) Instructor, Aqsu No.1 High School
  9. Ablet Shemsi, (M) Instructor, Kucha County Ishkhala Village Middle School
  10. Adil Tursun, (M) Vice Principal, senior teacher, Kashgar Shufu County No.1 Middle School; National-Level Expert
  11. Shahip Abdusalam (Nurbeg), (M) Instructor, poet, Kelpin County No.1 Middle School
  12. Zohre Niyaz (Sayramiye), (F) Instructor, Bay County Sayram Village Middle School; poet
  13. TurdiTuniyaz, (M) Former Principal, Xinjiang Experimental High School
  14. AlimYawa, (M) Former instructor, Peyzawat County Güllük Village Middle School; poet
  15. Ilham Tahir, (M) Teacher (fired), Affiliated High school of Kashgar Normal University; son of Tahir Talip

Journalists, Editors and Publishers

  1. Ablikim Hesen, (M) Head of Uyghur Department and senior editor, Xinjiang Youth Press;
  2. Yalqun Rozi, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press. Notes: Ablikim Hesen was released in December 2019.
  3. Qadir Arslan, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  4. Tuniyaz ilyas, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  5. Mahibeder Mekhmut, (F) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  6. Ayshem Peyzulla, (F) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  7. Tahir Nasir, (M) Former head, former assistant head editor, Xinjiang Education Press; XUAR People’s Government education inspector
  8. Wahitjan Osman, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press, poet
  9. Erkin Muhemmet, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  10. Ekber Sirajidin, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  11. Yasin Zilal, (M) Head editor, “Tarim” Journal; poet, arrested in 2017
  12. Abdurakhman Ebey, (M) Former chief, former senior editor, Xinjiang People’s Press
  13. Ekhmetjan Mömin (Tarimi), (M) Senior editor, Xinjiang People’s Press , PhD
  14. Qurban Mamut, (M) Former head editor, former senior editor, “Xinjiang Culture” Journal
  15. IlhamWeli, (M) Chair, senior editor, “Xinjiang Gazette” Uyghur Editorial Department
  16. Mirkamil Ablimit, (M) Vice Chair, senior editor, “Xinjiang Gazette” Uyghur Editorial Department
  17. Memtimin Obul, (M) Editor, “Xinjiang Gazette” Uyghur Editorial Department
  18. Jür’et Haji, (M) Editor, “Xinjiang Gazette” Uyghur Editorial Department
  19. Erkin Tursun, (M) Editor, director, Ili Television Station
  20. Abduréhim Abdulla, (M) Senior editor, Xinjiang Audiovisual Press; poet
  21. Enwer Qutluq (Nezeri), (M) Editor, Xinjiang Television Station; poet
  22. Qeyser Qéyum, (M) Editor in Chief, “Literary Translations” Journal Committed suicide. Jumped off eighth floor of his office building after a police summons rather than face probable detention in the camps.
  23. Mirzahit Kérim, (M) Former editor (retired), Kashgar Uyghur Press; writer
  24. Mehmutjan Khoja (Ümidwar), (M) Editor, “Xinjiang Youth” Journal; poet
  25. Ablajan Siyit, (M) Vice head editor, senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Press
  26. Osman Zunun, (M) Former head editor, senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Press, retired
  27. Abliz Ömer, (M) Former head editor, senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Press, retired
  28. Osman Ehet (M) music editor, Qarluq electronic
  29. Erkin Ibrahim (peyda) (M) publisher, CEO of ogen publishing company.
  30. Chimen’gül Awut, (F) Senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Publishers; poet. Note: Chimengul Awut was released in 2020.
  31. Tahir Talip, (M) senior editor, “Kashgar Daily,” poet, public figure
  32. Khalide Isra’il, (F) Editor, “Xinjiang Gazette,” retired; writer
  33. Méhrigül Tahir, (F) Instructor, Kashgar Preschool Teachers Training School; daughter of Tahir Talip
  34. Abdurahman Abdurehim (M) Kashgar Uyghur press, editor
  35. Memetjan Abliz Boriyar (M), Kashgar Uyghur Press, editor, writer
  36. Memet Sidiq (M), Kashgar Uyghur Press
  37. Anargul Hekim, (F), Kashgar Uyghur Press
  38. Guzelnur Qasim (F), Kashgar Uyghur Press
  39. Mahinur Hamut, (F) Kashgar Uyghur Press
  40. Erkin Emet (M), Head of Kashgar Uyghur Press
  41. Emrulla Enwer (M) Kashgar Uyghur Press

Poets, Writers and Scholars

  1. Perhat Tursun, (M) Researcher, XUAR People’s Arts Center; PhD; writer, poet
  2. Abbas Muniyaz, (M) Professional writer, XUAR Writers’ Association
  3. Muhter Helil Bughra (M), Poet, XUAR TV Station. Note: he was released recently.
  4. Idris Nurulla, (M) Independent translator, poet
  5. Qasimjan Osman (Ghazi), (M) Civil servant, Peyzawat County Party Committee Propaganda Department; poet
  6. YasinJanSadiq (choghlan) (M) writer, XUAR writers association
  7. Osman Hoshur (M), Writer, participant of Uyghur textbook.
  8. Memet Emet chopani, Writer, poet
  9. Ibrahim Alptekin (M) former police officer, poet, writer, publisher, Artush
  10. AbduqadirJüme, (M) Independent translator, poet
  11. Nezire Muhemmedsalih, (F) Independent writer; wife of AdiljanTuniyaz; daughter of MuhemmedsalihHajim
  12. Muhemmedsalih Hajim, (M) Researcher, Nationalities Research Institute, Xinjiang Social Science Academy, retired; translator of the Quran into Uyghur; religious scholar and translator; died at age 84 in a camp; father of Nezire Muhemmedsalih
  13. Memet’éliAbdurehim, (M ) Former head of XUAR Language Committee, retired
  14. Tahir Abduweli, (M) Researcher, XUAR Language Committee
  15. Alimjan, (M) Researcher, XUAR Language Committee
  16. Na’iljanTurghan, (M) Researcher, XUAR Language Committee
  17. Küresh Tahir, (M) Researcher, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; son of Tahir Talip
  18. Abdurazaq Sayim, (M) Vice Head of Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; senior researcher
  19. Gheyret Abdurahman, (M) Researcher, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; Vice Head, Language Institute, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy
  20. Abduqéyum Mijit, (M) Researcher, Ethnic Culture Research Institute, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy
  21. Sajide Tursun, (F ) Postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious Diversity in Gottingen, Germany. Note: Sajide Tursun is released recently.
  22. Abbas Burhan, (M) Researcher, XUAR Education Department; Vice Principal, Ürümqi, Number 10 Elementary School
  23. Ablimit, (M), Independent researcher of Uyghur classical literature; PhD
  24. Gulbahar Eziz, Writer, Poet, Lawyer.
  25. AdiljanTuniyaz, (M) Former staff, Xinjiang People’s Radio Station; poet; husband of Nezire Muhemmedsalih
  26. Dilmurat Tursun (M) researcher, Urumchi Municipal education department,
  27. Adil Rishit (M) researcher, XUAR Educational Press
  28. Tursunjan Muhemmet Marshal, website editor, Writer
  29. Tursunbeg Yasin (M), Blogger, writer
  30. Tuniyaz Osman (M), writer, former Judge, Aksu seismology Deparmet.
  31. Omerjan Hesen (Bozqir) writer, Translator, Blogger, Aksu Forestry Department

Actors, Directors, Hosts, Hostess, Singers

  1. Mekhmutjan Sidiq, (M) Director, Xinjiang Television Station
  2. Ekhmetjan Metrozi, (M) Technician, Xinjiang Television Station
  3. Qeyum Muhemmet, (M) Associate Professor, Xinjiang Art Institute; actor; host ; husband of Aynur Tash
  4. Aynur Tash, (F) Ürümchi People’s Radio Station, retired for health reasons; wife of QéyumMuhemmet
  5. Erkin Tursun, (M) Editor, director, Ili Television Station
  6. Es’et Éziz, (M) Chief, Ürümchi People’s Radio Station Uyghur Editorial Department
  7. Abdushukur Wahit (M), film editor, Urumqi Sezgu Advertisement company.
  8. Abdurehim Heyit (M) singer XUAR Theater
  9. Zulpiqar Koresh (M) host of Uyghur TV program, XUAR TV station
  10. Reshide Dawut (F) singer, XUAR theater. Note: Reshide Dawut was sentenced in 2020.
  11. Adil Mijit (M) comedian, XUAR Theater
  12. Senuber Tursun (F) singer, XUAR theater: Note: Senewer Tursun was released in October 2019.
  13. Aytilla Ela (F), singer, XUAR Theater
  14. Ablet Zeydin (M) XUAR TV station, editor
  15. Peride Mamut (M), singer, actor, Karamay Theater
  16. Zahirshah Ablimit (M), singer
  17. Ablajan Awut Ayup (M), singer, “Uyghur Justin Baber”
  18. Memetjan Abduqadir (M) singer, actor
  19. Mahire Yusup (F) singer, Urumchi Song and Dance Troup
  20. Adiljan Hamut (M) Cameraman, Xinjiang Izgil Film & TV compay

Computer Engineers

  1. Qeyser Abdukerim (M), computer engineer, poet.
  2. Metyasin Metqurban (M) Bilkan electronic company, CEO, computer engineer
  3. Perhat Zahir (M) computer engineer
  4. Abdurahman Memetabla (M) computer engineer, CEO, Rawanyol electronic company.
  5. Nurshat (M) Graphic designer, Qarluq Electronic Company
  6. Abletjan Ismail (M), Creator of Yaltapan software, IT engineer of XUAR Government website,
  7. Sirajidin Qarluq (M), Qarluq electronic, co, ltd,
  8. Amannisa Qemirdin (F) accountant, IT engineer, Qarluq Electronic Company.
  9. Reyhangul Mehmut (F) graphic designer, Qarluq electronic
  10. Yusup Ehmet (M) graphic designer, Qarluq electronic
  11. Emetjan, (M) Qutlan Electronic Company, computer engineer
  12. Mukhtar Rozi, (M) Computer expert; programmer
  13. Ekber Eset (M) Website designer, CEO, Bagdax electronic
  14. Dilshat Perhat (Ataman), (M) Founder, “Diyarim” Website

Photographers and Painters

  1. Nijat Memtimin, (M) Employee, Kashgar Prefectural Government Information Office; photographer
  2. Mutellipjan Memtimin, (M) Owner, “Kashgar White Steed Photo Studio”; photographer
  3. Ablikimjan (M), designer, Kashgar Preschool Teachers School

Other intellectuals

  1. Ablimit Ablikim, (M) MA student, Shanghai Arts Institute
  2. Arzugül Abdurehim, (F) Received MA in Japan
  3. Abdurishit Imin (M) XUAR Department of Agriculture
  4. Gülbahar Éziz, (F) Civil servant, XUAR Prison Administration Office; psychology Counselor; Lawyer
  5. Ghalip Qurban, (M) vice chief, Urumchi municipal court, Judge.
  6. Ekber Ebeydulla (M) Kashagr Cultural Heritage Protecting Departmen.
  7. Ebeydulla Ibrahim (M) Writer, Editor in Chief, Xinjiang Youth,
  8. Mihray Mijit (F), Principle of #20 Primary School, Editor of Uyghur Textbook.
  9. Supplement: imprisoned intellectuals from other Turkic ethnic groups in Xinjiang
  10. Qabilqan Sadiq, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press; Kazakh
  11. Esqer Junus, (M) Researcher, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; Kyrgyz
  12. Hörmetjan Abdurahman (Fikret), (M) Professor, Xinjiang University; Uzbek
  13. MambetTurdi, (M) Professor, Xinjiang Normal University; literary critic; Kyrgyz
  14. Abdurahman Eziz (M) Writer, Ermudun, Yengisheher, Kashgar, Kyrgiz
  15. Dina Igemberdi (F) Painter, Urumqi Tianshan District, Tuanjielu, No 78. Kazakh
  16. Nurbaqit Qadir (M), editor, Xinjiang Education Press. Kazakh
  17. Maqadas Aqan (M), editor, Xinjiang Education Press. Kazakh

Other Intellectuals

  1. Turnan Qasim (M), CCP XUAR regional committee, propaganda branch
  2. Jelil Abdurahman (M), Urumqi Education Department
  3. Hamut Yasin (M), Xinjiang Education Press
  4. Abduqeyum Tohtaji (M), Xinjiang Experiment High school
  5. Aygul Imin (F), Teaching &Study office of Tianshan District, Urumqi Education Department.
  6. Mahire Rozi (F), teacher, Urumqi 16# High School,
  7. Abdusalam Turdi (M), professor, Department of Physics, Xinjiang Normal University
  8. Enwer Sidiq (M), professor, Department of Physics, Xinjiang Normal University
  9. Ghalip Nasir (M), Administration Office, Xinjiang Normal University
  10. Rena Mamut (M), Library, Xinjiang Normal University
  11. Umit (M) Affiliated High School of Xinjiang Normal Uniersity.
  12. Rizwangul (F) Affiliated High School of Xinjiang Normal University.
  13. Eysa Qadir (M), professor, Xinjiang Agriculture University
  14. Ababekri Ablet (M), president of Hotan Teachers College
  15. Memetrishat Zunun (M), Xinjiang Huan Tourism
  16. Gheyret Eysa (M), Kashgar 10# High School, publisher
  17. Dawut Obulqasim (M), Koknur biotechnology
  18. Buhelchem Tursun (F), former official of Urumqi Import and Export Department
  19. Telet Qadiri (M), Uyghur textbook for grade 8 editor, Xinjiang education Press.
  20. Hamutjan Hekim (M), Uyghur textbook for Grade 8 editor, Xinjiang education Press
  21. Shirmuhemmet Jarup (M) Uyghur textbook editor, Xinjiang Education Press
  22. Perhat Kazim (M) Uyghur textbook editor, Uyghur textbook editor
  23. Eysajan Turdi Achchiq (M), Uyghur textbook for Grade 8 editor
  24. Muqeddes Mirza (F), Uyghur textbook for Grade 8 editor
  25. Enwer Omer (M), Uyghur textbook for Grade 8 editor
  26. Hebibulla Eli (M), Uyghur textbook for Grade 8 editor
  27. Adiljan Ayit (M), Uyghur Textbook painter, XUAR Education Press, Note: Adiljan Ayit was arrested because of Uyghur textbook issue.
  28. Abdurehim Osman (M), Kashgar CCP local branch vice chairman of religious and ethnic affair
  29. Shemsidin (M), physician, XUAR Number 2 Hospital
  30. Zamanidin Pakzat (M), poet, instructor, Preschool teachers college
  31. Gulchihre Chongelem Eziz (F), writer
  32. Ablikim Kelkun (M) comedian, XUAR Theater
  33. Hebibulla Tohti (M), professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute, PhD.
  34. Adil Hajim (M), professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute
  35. Yusupjan Zeynidin (M), former professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute
  36. Muhemmet Abdulla (M), former professor, Xinjiang Islamic institute
  37. Abduqahar damolla (M), professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute
  38. Ilyas Qarihaji (M), professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute, PhD
  39. Shahabidin Hajim (M), professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute
  40. Abduqahar Damolla (M), professor, Xinjiang Islamic Institute
  41. Abdusemi Damolla (M), instructor, Artuch Islamic School
  42. Abliz Qarihaji (Arqan) (M), writer, religious scholar.
  43. Abduhaliq Damolla (M), instructor, Aqsu Islamic School
  44. Azat Eziz (M), professor, former principle, Kashagr University
  45. Gulzar Gheni (F), Kashgar University
  46. Abduqeyum Yasin (M), physician, Kashagar #1People’s hospital
  47. Dilshat Alim (M), physician, XUAR Number2 people’s hospital.
  48. Mirzat Osman (M), 32 years old. Bachelor of Xinjiang Agricultural University, studied in Italy, missing since 2017
  49. Yasinjan Tohti (M), pharmacist, Kashgar Uyghur Medicine Hospital
  50. Buwejer Memeteli, (M), teacher, Kashgar Number10 Primary School
  51. Adil Eliyof, (M) retired accounted from People’s Bank Kashgar Branch. Note: Adil Eliyof is released in March 2019.
  52. Erkinjan Abdukerim (M), primary school teacher in Awat Township Kashagr, he died after released from reeducation camp on September 30th, 2018.
  53. Nurmemet Tohti (M) 32 years old, Xinjiang ElQUWET
  54. Kamalidin (M), professor, Xinjiang Financial & Economy University PhD.
  55. Alishir Qurban (M), associated professor, Xinjiang institute of ecology and geography, Chinese science academy. Note: Elshir Qurban was released in November 2019.
  56. Huseyinjan Esqer (M), researcher, Language committee of XUAR.
  57. Erkizat Barat (M), writer, website editor, activist, graduated Zhongnan Financial University, Poskam, Xinjing (aka East Turkestan)
  58. Hesenjan Abdulla (M), Researcher,Ili institute of Agricultural study, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, detained April 2017
  59. Hisamidin Eziz (M), Poet, Xinjiang Representative Office in Beijing, detained in June 2018
  60. Abdulkahar Tursun (M), Arcelik Electronic engineer, graduated Middle East Technology University, detained 2017.
  61. Turghun Asim (M), 45 years old, water engineer, Kashgar city water administration department, detained in concentration in 2018.
  62. Memtili Wahap (M), 40 years old, Kashagr city Water Administration department
  63. Nurmemet Niyaz (M) 30 years old, Kashagr city Water Administration department
  64. Ekber Emet (M) 37 years old, Kashagr city Water Administration department
  65. Abdughopur Tursun (M), 54 years old, Kashagr city Water Administration Department
  66. Sabirjan Hamut (M) 48 years old, Kashagr city Water Administration Department
  67. Memetjan Rozi (M), born in 1979, Graphic Designer & Film Editor, detained September 5th, 2017
  68. Kamal Abliz (M), born in 1979, film maker and producer, he directed there is no way for these kids, detained June 9th 2017, Dolan
  69. Semi Kirem (M), Babahan Food & Logistic Company, detained in Midong detention Center since August 15th
  70. Tahir Qasim (M), writer, poet, professor, Aqsu Educational Institute
  71. Abdusalam Jalalidin (M), professor, PhD, born in 1962 Ghulja, Xinjiang University
  72. Hemdulla Abdurahman (M) Linguist, born in Pichan 1957, Languages committee of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
  73. Nizamidin Niyaz (M), PhD, Lecturer of Xinjiang Normal University, sentenced for 15 years for participating problematic textbook.
  74. Tursunjan Behti (M), PhD, Linguist, born in 1985, lecturer of Xinjiang financial and Economy University.
  75. Rahmanjan Awut Ozhal (M), Poet, Singer, Song writer, XUAR Theater.
Note: Rahmanjan Awut Ozhal released.
  1. Eysabeg Mamut (M), well-known folksinger, h sentenced 10 years, accused of illegal religious activity.
 Note: Eyasabeg Mamut released.
  2. Waris Ababekri (M), one of the former leaders of the 1988 Uyghur students’ movement, writer, film producer, Xinjiang Dolan
  3. Osman Kerem (M), born in 1961, former teacher of Urumchi number 23 middle school.
  4. Kurban Aji, (M), 61 years old (born on March 1st, 1958 Artush). He has taught in high schools for 35 years, Artuch Number 4 high school. Note: Kurban Aji was released in June 2019.
  5. Abduhelil Ela (M), Surgeon, Tuberculosis Hospital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, detained in January 2018.
  6. Zohre Ela (F) Technician, Karamay Petroleum Company which cooperated with Hong Kong, detained in January 2018.
  7. Juret Memet (M), teacher, vice president of regional educational department of Karamay.
  8. Rishat (M), teacher, Number 4 primary school in Karamay
  9. Adil Yaqup (M) poet, Vice Chief of Number three Detention Center, detained March 2018, he got released in 2019.
depending on the recent information Adil was detained again in March 2020. Note: Adil Yaqup, peot and head of the detention center was released in the first week of April, he re-arrested in march 2020.
  10. Memtimin Hoshur (M), Writer, Former Head of XUAR Writers Association
  11. Ehtem Omer (M) Writer, employee of state owned XUAR Film making company, sentenced 20 years.
  12. Reyhangul (F) Uyghur Medicine Hospital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Urumchi city.
  13. Juret Qurban (M), born in 1986, Xijiang Zamzambolaq International Trade, detained in October 2017.
  14. Jumaji Juma (M) Teacher, Qulanchi Primary School, Azaq Township, Artuch, detained and sentenced to 7 years, because of sending a gift to Turkey.
  15. Marat Isaqow (M), born in 1982 Urumchi, Teacher, Urumchi Number 14 High School, studied in Kazan, Tatarestan federal republic, Tatar
  16. Sewirdin Imam (M) Host, Actor, arrested in January 2019, He is in Tie Chang Gou, Michuan
  17. Semi Kirem (M), arrested in August 15th, 2018, Xinjiang BABAHAN Food Company.
  18. Abduqeyum Imin (M), actor, editor, Xinjiang TV, (State owned Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous regional propaganda organization)
  19. Hezereteli Memettyrsun (M) Singer, public figure
  20. Bupatem (F) secretary of Hotan county level court
  21. Abdurahman (M), Hotan county local branch of CCP commission for discipline inspection
  22. Husenjan (M), Musician, music teacher Hotan city number 2 primary school
  23. Arapat Erkin (M) student, Kocaeli University, kept missing since 2017 went back to China
  24. Mirzat Osman (M), student, studied in Milan, Kept missing since October 2017 went back to China
  25. Omerjan (M) architect, Uyghur style architectures designer, entrepreneur, public figure
  26. Yasin Kerim (M), Calligrapher, awarded international several Calligraphy competitions, Yengi Eriq township, Hotan.
  27. Niyaz Kerim Sherqi (M) Calligrapher, topographer, toponymist, professor of former Xinjiang University of Industry
  28. Abdureshit Eli (M), Pen name (tundiki adem), poet, editor of Yengi Qashteshi (seasonal literature magazine).
  29. Abdukerim Yaqup (M), Public figure, the people’s government of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region Beijing Office
  30. Ehet Sayit (M) Public Figure, County Mayor of Yarkent, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
  31. Abdugheni Jume (M) Public Figure, County Mayor of Merkit, XUAR
  32. Ghali Rahman (M) Public Figure, County Mayor of Peyzawat, XUAR
  33. Memettrusun (M) Public Figure, Kashagr Prefectural Foreign affair Office .
  34. Gholamjan Ghopur (M), English teacher, the founder of Tewpiq Language and Technology Training school.
  35. Abdumijit Abduqadir (M), Instructor, Xinjiang Uyghur Medicine College, PhD candidate of Chinese Science Academy Xinjiang Branch.
  36. Enwer Niyaz (M), Teacher, Principle of Toqsun County Number1 High School, Head of Toqsun County Education Department.
  37. Shohret (M) Instructor, Xinjiang Normal University, TsingHua University PhD Candidate.
  38. Qelbinur Hamut (F), Teacher, Number 19 Primary School, one of the editors of Uyghur textbook, retired in 2015, arrested in 2017.
  39. Abdurehim Ablethan (M) writer, film maker, Jigde Qduq Village, Qomul
  40. Turkizat Gheyret (M) Student Activist, Xinjiang Finance and Economy University
  41. Musajan Imir (M) Entrepreneur, Xinjiang Qaraqum International Trade Company
  42. Gheni Semet (M) Poet, self-employment, Uyghur bookstore owner.
  43. Gulnisa Imin (F) Poet, local social activist. Well-known female poet, her poetry translated into Japanese and selected in Uyghur poetry selection published in Japan.
  44. Abliz Arqan (M) Blogger and Islamic Scholar. Small business owner in Korla city.
  45. Abduqeyum Tohtaji (M) one of the editors of banned Uyghur Textbook.
  46. Abduweli Muqiyit (M) Uyghur cultural activist. 1945 born in Ghulja. 2019 sentenced 17 years. Now serving jail in Helongjian Province
  47. Muhter Mamut Muhemmidi (M) independent scholar, publisher, Uyghur Bookstore owner in Qarghiliq County Kashgar.
  48. Ablet Ababekri (M) Professor, President of Hotan Teachers College
  49. Muhter Emet (M) Poet, vice chief Konisheher County CCP local branch, detained 2017 September.
  50. Abduhelil Tohti (M) athlete, wrestling Master, teacher, Konisheher No1 High School, detained in April 2017.
  51. Ehmet Turghun (M) teacher, arrested in September 2017, one of the Uyghur textbook related teachers. Urumchi number 22 primary school.
  52. Reyhangul Hashim (F) teacher arrested in September 2017, one of the detainees related to Uyghur text book issue, Urumchi Qarlayelisi primary school.
  53. Ekber Awut (M) teacher, athlete, arrested in September 2018, died in the detention center in Urumchi October 2019, Urumchi number 22 primary school.
  54. Melike Dawut (F) teacher, researcher, detained in April 2017, one of the detainees related to Uyghur textbook issue, Urumchi educational department, research office.
  55. Bahargul Hebibul (F) IT engineer, arrested in June 2017, sentenced 5 years in prison in November 2019, Urumchi branch of Chinese Railway Communication Company
  56. Mihray Hebibul (F) Policewoman in Turpan city, arrested, arrested 2018, sentenced 3 years in November 6, 2019.
  57. Alim Hebibul (M) prison Guard in Turpan city, arrested in 2018, sentenced 3 years in November 2019
  58. Yasin Imin (M) IT engineer, professor in Xinjiang university, department of information technology, researcher in bureau of information technology of Xinjiang Ethnic languages work committee, selected as distinguished youth by Uyghur autonomous regional party branch and government in 2015. He was arrested in 2018.
  59. Alim Hasani (M) Linguist, Interpreter, researcher in bureau of information technology of Xinjiang Ethnic languages work committee, arrested August 2018
  60. Mehmut Eli Atilla (M) researcher, teacher arrested in 2017, Awat number 3 High School Aqsu Perfecture, reason of imprisonment related to the Uyghur text book issue.
  61. Dilnur Mesum (F) Principal of Hotan Langru secondary school ,teaching Chinese ,arrested in 2018 ,sentenced 15years ,reason of imprisonment related to a WeChat  massage which was sent in 2013 about halal food .
  62. Nasirhaji (M)The senior staff of the Business Department of Agricultural Bank Shufu County Subbranch ;arrested on may in 2017, reason of imprisonment related with helping poor and needy families by donation collected from Meshrep .
  63. Tahir Mesum (M) Deputy Director of Hotan Education Bureau in Hotan Xinjiang ,arrested in 2018 ,sentenced 10years ,accused racial discrimination crime ,reason of imprisonment related to a WeChat massage which he received in 2013 about Halal food .
  64. Abliz Orhun (M) Former editor in chief of Xinjiang Difang Zhi (Xinjiang regional historgraphy ), editor of Minzu publishing House, Xinjiang China, Arrested in February 2018 .
  65. Obulqasim Abdurehim (M) IT technician at Kashgar – China Telecom since 1995, arrested on may in 2017, reason of imprisonment related with helping poor and needy families by donation collected from Meshrep.
  66. Abliz Tohtihaji (M) the Director of Kashgar Prefectural Transport Administration bureau since 2012. arrested on may in 2017, reason of imprisonment related with helping poor and needy families by donation which donated in Meshrep gathering.
  67. Ishak (M) The Principal of Changji state No 3 secondary school , Xinjiang arrested in 2018
  68. Reyhangul (F) Teacher of Changji state No 3 secondary school , Xinjiang teaching literature she also was arrested.
  69. Juret Memtimin (M) a Uyghur retired government officials of the people’s republic of China, former professor of Minzu university, and former governor of Hotan prefecture. There was no news from his after being called for interrogation in early December 2019.
  70. Ilham Rozi (M) Poet, Deputy Head of Publicity Department of Aksu Prefecture Committee,He was arrested on April in 2019 without any reason .
  71. Behtiyar Ilham (M) Uyghur computer engineer and manager of Qarluk IT company .He was arrested on November in 2019 without any reason .
  72. Ablajan Memet (M) Teacher,historian, Peyzawat No.1 High School,Kashgar, arrested in 2016. Graduated History Departmetn, Xinjiang University
  73. Kamil Hesen (M) Teacher, Peot, Qizilboyi High School of Peyzawat County, Kashagar.He arrested in 2015, because of his poetry he published 2003 in Kashgar.
  74. Memetsalim Sabir (M)Teacher, Poet, Peyzawat No.1 High School,Kashagr.He arrested in 2015, because of his poetry he published in 2003 in Kashgar,
  75. Alim Yawa (M) Poet, Teacher,Gulluk High School of Peyzawat County Kashagr.He arrested in 2015, because of his poetry published in 2003 in Kashgar.
  76. Gulnisa Imin (F) Poet,Teacher, Chira No.1 High School. She was Arrested in 2017, because of her potry published in Japan.
  77. Muhemmet Emet Chopani (M),Writer, Poet,Teacher, Chopan High School of Karghaliq County Kashgar. He arrested in 2017, because of his poetry book Jennet Yoli, published in Turkey 2013.
  78. Osmanjan Ehet (M), Musician, Qarluq high tech Company, Urumchi.He was born 1981 in Shahyar County. He got arrested in October 2017.
  79. Tursun Turghun (m): a teacher in Tamtoghraq county, born in Aksu, went to high school and university in inner China (Chinese provinces). He was arrested on the 2nd July 2017. He is suspected of downloading and spreading information related to terrorism.
  80. Rozi Toxti (m): a literature teacher at Awat County 3rd Middle School, he was arrested on the 2nd of July 2017. He was accused of robbery.
  81. Nurmemet Hamut (m): graduated from college in Shanghai, programmer at Lenovo Computer Company. He was arrested on October 13, 2017. He was released in October 2019 but was appointed as a teacher at the camp where he was previously interned.
  82. Memet Perhat (m): graduated from Chongqing University, later became a police officer. He was arrested on October 23, 2017.
  83. Ehmet Yasin (m): a doctor at Tamtoghraq County Hospital, arrested on June 8, 2017, and accused of using Kuaiya App.
  84. Renagul Memet (f), an employee of the county government of Awat, was arrested on July 10, 2017, and accused of using VPN.
  85. Nurmemet Rozi (m): the mayor of Kashgar, was arrested in 2019 and accused of hypocrisy (two-faced).
  86. Ehet Sayit (m): the district head of Yarkant (Yeken) county, was arrested in 2018 and accused of hypocritical behavior.
  87. Ehet Sulayman (m): Pedagogue, the chair of Qumul City Tengritagh county education district, was arrested in March 2017, graduated from Xinjiang Normal University.
  88. Ehmet Sulayman (m): government official, vice chairman of Qomul city Tengritagh county, graduated from Xinjiang University (former Maarip Inistitutini), was arrested in March 2017.
  89. Jelil Osman (m): former vice chairman of Qomul city municipality, chairman of Qomul city Sheherichi county government, date and place of detention is unknown.
  90. Muhemmet Osman (m): graduated from Xi’an Medical University, medical specialist at Qomul prefecture people’s hospital, detained in 2017 and sentenced for 71 years.
  91. Abliz Tohtihaji (m): was the Director of Kashgar Prefectural Transport Administration bureau since 2012, detained in May, 2017.
  92. Obulqasim Abdurehim (m): He was working as IT technician at Kashgar – China Telecom since 1995, detained in June, 2017.
  93. Ahat Ebrahim (m): businessman, founder and director of the Tabassum Conventional Centers in Korla city, detained in May, 2017, died mysteriously in December 2019 in one of the concentration camps in Korla.
  94. Adiljan Abdurehim (M): Head of Saybagh Educational department, educated in Moskow in 1990s
  95. Abdurahman (M): Vice head of public security bureau Shufu county XUATR, got arrested in 2017, accusation, double faced
  96. Abduqahar Yusup (M): Independent researcher, studied Nanjing University from 2007-2011. English interpreter Qarluq IT Company, arrested in 2017
  97. Nebi Yusup (M) English Interpreter, graphic designer, Qarluq Company, arrested in 2017
  98. Abdurehim Ablethan (M) Independent researcher, write, blogger, film maker, administrator of Bagdax Fourum, arrested in 2017, Born in Qomul.
  99. Abduqeyum (M) Medical Researcher, Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People’s Hospital, Studien in Singapore.



  1. This list is composed of Uyghur intellectuals whose imprisonment has been confirmed by the Uyghur Diasporas. The imprisonment of some individuals on the list has been investigated by Radio Free Asia; the imprisonment of the other intellectuals listed here has been confirmed by other reliable sources in China and some relatives of detainees in Diasporas.
  2. While considerable care has been taking in compiling and checking the list, obstacles have nonetheless been considerable, given the information blockade imposed on Xinjiang (Eastern Turkistan) by the Chinese government. As a result, there may be errors in the list. We ask readers’ help in correcting any such issues, compiling further information on the individuals listed here in, and adding other detained intellectuals to the list.
  3. It is clear that the number of detained intellectuals greatly exceeds the number listed here. This list—and other lists of detained individuals will be continually revised and expanded.
  4. In January 9th, the order are reorganized, after this time the order will be the same, if I add some individuals they should under the “Other intellectuals”


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